J.Law's Esthetician Shares Her Skincare Regimen—It's Extensive

We're all about sharing beauty secrets here at Byrdie, which is probably why we're always happy to dissect our favorite celebrities' beauty routines in such great detail. Where else would we find the under-the-radar eye cream Adriana Lima swears by to hide dark circles or the eye shadow palette Shay Mitchell says is her holy grail? One thing we've noticed after all these interviews is that it's usually rare for celebs' favorite products to overlap, but there is one thing they always have in common: a damn good facialist.

Enter Georgia Louise, who not only happens to be a common denominator between Jennifer Lawrence, Michelle Williams, and most of the Victoria's Secret Angels but also has some pretty enviable skin herself. (That's putting it modestly—her skin glows supernaturally, even when we saw her in the dead of winter.) Thus, we took it upon ourselves to ask her to spell out her entire skincare regimen from start to finish. Suffice to say, there's nothing minimal about her routine—and with access to the best products and devices on the market, why would it be? Speaking of which, we're ordering a GloPulse ($165) as we speak.

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On Her Nighttime and Daytime Skincare Routine:

"I like to modify my routine, especially based on what my face feels that day or which gadget I am using that night. It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour. The daytime is all about multitasking! I have two young children to care for, so I have to combine. I use my NuFace ($325) while I brush my teeth! I mask before I shower, so it only takes no more than 20 minutes.

"I double-cleanse with my balm ($84) and cleansing wash ($90) to get rid of all the oil and debris. I use my toner ($90) because it has AHA/BHA, so it has some exfoliative properties. The serums that I used regularly are my Hydra Repair Elixir ($110), Environ C-Quence Serum, and my vitamin A serum ($130). I switch between different moisturizers depending on how my skin is that way. My top four currently are Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream ($128), Dr. Nigma Cream No 1 ($165), Dr. Barbara Sturm MC1 Cream, and Biologique Recherche Crème Dermopurifiante. I also do a facial massage nightly using my Sleeping Beauty Oil ($120) and my Butterfly Stone ($75). I use my GloPulse device ($165) three to four times a week.

"For daytime, I condense my routine as much as possible. I cleanse with my balm and use Environ C-Quence Serum again, and then use a moisturizer depending on how my skin is that day."

Georgia Louise

On Her Favorite Devices:

"I use my GloPulse ($165) three to four times week, my butterfly stone for facial massage and lymphatic drainage nightly, and the NuFace ($325) Microcurrent devices five times a week. I also use my GloLite LED Mask ($1395) three times a week."

On How She Treats Breakouts:

"I use a high-frequency device, the GloLite mask with blue LED light, and a spot treatment like Environ Sebuspot."

On Her Favorite Exfoliation Treatment:

"I exfoliate weekly. I use my Enzyme Peel Mask ($120) for 10 minutes once a week to help refresh my skin. Vitamin C brightens the skin, so I try to squeeze in Environ C-Quence Energizing Mask to keep that glow going."

On Her Favorite In-Office Treatments:

"We try to squeeze in training bi-weekly with my team to make sure my technique is perfected by them and also introduce new products or devices or treatments. So that’s my time to get a facial from one of my gifted estheticians! I make sure to do my GloPulse ($165) a few times per week, so that’s my at-home special treatment to make sure I maintain a glow."

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