Exclusive: Celebrity Esthetician Georgia Louise's New Skincare Wand Will Supercharge Your Glow

Brighter skin ahead.

Georgia Louise

Georgia Louise

What do Karlie Kloss, Jenna Dewan, and Amy Schumer have in common? They all call on esthetician Georgia Louise to help them achieve their signature glow. Known to her clients as the "Face Scientist," Louise has masterfully bridged the gap between skincare and technology by using cutting-edge ionic devices to treat celebs and non-celebs alike that flock to her ateliers. Wanting to extend the reach of her treatments to customers at home, Louise began offering her own line of skincare technology two years ago. In 2018, she debuted her Pulse+GLO Ion Enhancer ($165). The Hollywood EGF Micro-Needle Therapy System ($395) followed suit in 2019. And now the skincare pro is releasing her latest skincare innovation: the C+- Pure Ampoule with Ionic Wand ($280).

Louise has continuously blended ionic technology into her treatments and tools for its skin-boosting benefits. "Ionic technology opens the pores and allows ingredients to work deeper, making treatments far more powerful," Louise tells Byrdie exclusively. The skincare pro also told us that ionic technology assists with brightening the skin, lightening pigmentation, protecting against UVA and UVB, and strengthening the skin. With her new device, the ionic properties of the wand work to supercharge the effects of the C+- Pure Ampoules. 

The Vitamin C is first in powder form—which is the freshest, stable, and effective version of the ingredient—and housed at the top of each ampoule bottle. By pressing down on the specially designed bottle trigger, the powder is then dispensed into a serum formulation base, which contains powerful actives and antioxidants including Hydroxydecyl Ubiquinone, Glutathione, Tranexamic Acid, and Vitamin E.


Hydroxydecyl Ubiquinone: a form of CoQ10 that protects skin against free radicals and environmental damage

Glutathione: a combination of three amino acids that helps brighten and naturally fade dark spots

Tranexamic Acid: an amino acid derived from lysine to brighten and prevent moisture loss

Vitamin E: seals in moisture, smooths skin, and is an antioxidant

After the Vitamin C powder is released into the active serum, you must shake the bottle to properly mix the powder and serum before applying to freshly cleansed skin. Once you pat the Vitamin C onto your skin, the ionic wand can be turned on and glided over areas including your chin, forehead, and cheeks. The ionic wand uses negatively charged ions—also known as galvanic current—to repel the negatively charged Vitamin C serum into the skin’s positively charged pores. This opens up the pores so the active ingredients can seep deeper into the skin. The secondary benefit of the wand’s galvanic current is that it tightens, brightens, and depuffs your skin because it boosts microcirculation.

Georgia Louise
Georgia Louise C + - Pure Ampoule With Ionic Wand $280.00

Now, you may be wondering how often can you use the ampoules and wand in your routine? Well, more often than you may think. "I recommend using every morning as a part of your daily routine, after cleansing and toning," Louise says. "It can also be used after applying the Georgia Louise Hydra Repair Elixir (or any other hyaluronic acid)." While the product was made with sensitive skin in mind, the expert esthetician suggests using an essence or wetting your skin before applying the vitamin C serum to make your skin more comfortable for the galvanic current.

And while it may be tempting to test out other ampoules with the Ionic Wand, Louise warns against doing so. "I recommend using the Ionic Wand with the C+- Ampoules, as they work together," she explains. "They are both negatively charged, so together they work to repel and push the Vitamin C down deeper into the skin. However, the Vitamin C serum can be used without the ionic wand."

The C+- Pure Ampoule with Ionic Wand is available now, exclusively on georgialouise.com.

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