We Found 25 of the Coolest Geometric Tattoos on Instagram


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New year, new tattoo, right? If you find solace in the pain cave that is a tattoo parlor, then you can surely appreciate the beauty of geometric tattoos. The finely drawn ink often utilizes a series of shapes, lines, and dots to add a modern appeal to everyday objects, animals, and overall ideas. Whether it's an Alice-worthy clock, praise of the animal kingdom, or a nod toward your love of yoga, there's no denying the geometric tattoos can make a serious statement. To see if a geometric tattoo might be right for you, keep scrolling to discover 25 of our favorite takes on the shapely tattoo genre.

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Happy Place

Wish you could spend eternity in your happy place? With this outdoorsy tattoo, you can regularly remind yourself of the surroundings that bring you the most peace.

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Spherical Sleeve

Geometric Tattoos Sleeve


If you're all in on the concept of a geometric tattoo, play with all your favorite shapes by working with your tattoo artist on a custom sleeve. We're so impressed by all the line work, dots, and figures that come together to create one cohesive whole.

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A Moment in Time

This geometric sundial looks straight out of a storybook. The varied lines and designs give it a magical appeal.

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Dots and Lines

If you love stippling as much as you love geometric details, you'll dig this expansive vertical tatt. Made with loads of lines and dots, it's a feast for the eyes.

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Solar Power

Geometric Tattoos Rising Sun


Here, lines and dots play together to create an arm tattoo that's both minimalist and vast. The mastery is all in the ultra-thin lines and pin-prick points. While this solar tattoo is alluring in all black, just think about how pretty it'd be in a series of pastel pinks and oranges.

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Fine Florals

Geometric Tattoos Floral


Flowers, sharp lines, and delicate dots collide for a minimalist tattoo that spans an entire inner forearm. We love the way the delicate details create movement.

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Wild One

If you vibe with wild roots, you'll love this geometric tatt that perfectly captures the beauty of the great outdoors juxtaposed against one of nature's wildest creatures. With black and white details and pale pops of color, it's sure to turn heads.

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Simple Triangle

Geometric tattoos don't have to be intricate. This equilateral triangle suggests balance, equilibrium, and peace.

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Sea Dweller

Wish you could swim through the sea every day of your life? With this beautifully realistic watercolor, you can create a lasting glimpse of your dream life. While the hanging details are unique as they are, just imagine how wonderful they'd look with seashells instead of stars and arrows on the ends.

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Pink Floyd

Geometric Tattoos Pink Floyd


Triangles are a popular feature of geometric tattoos. This one in particular makes a nod to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon cover art with the prism and rainbow.

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Gambling (Wo)man

Sometimes you have to take a chance. If you want to try your hand at a geometric tattoo, this dicey tatt might be for you. If you ask us, geometric tatts are pretty much always a sure bet.

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New York / LA

New York or L.A.? Why choose when you can pay homage to both iconic cities during your next ink sesh?

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In Full Bloom

Geometric Tattoos Rose


This delicate geometric floral tattoo pops that much more thanks to the mountain peak and compass-like detailing. It's a stunning, unique piece that provides great inspiration for your own design.

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Best Friend Tattoos

Looking for a geometric tattoo you can snag with your BFF? This matching ink represents the circle of life and love with fine lines and dotted accents.

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World Traveler

Sometimes finding the perfect tattoo is as simple as being true to your number one passion. If wanderlust is your thing, you'll swoon over this geometric map tattoo.

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Follow Your Arrow

Geometric Tattoos Arrow


Whether you're a Hunger Games fan or just headed confidently in the direction of your choosing, we love the way the delicate floral detailing balances the sharp geometric elements of this bow and arrow tattoo.

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Flower Power

Geometric Tattoos Flower


A great way to show your appreciation for simple beauty is with this floral geometric tattoo. The bordering lines and rising sun in the background provide a sort of 3D effect that looks so cool.

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Queen Bee

This floral bee hybrid is a great choice for anyone looking to represent their love of the environment and the sheer strength of nature's creatures. Plus, the juxtaposition reminds us to be fierce but sweet.

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Global Vortex

Geometric Tattoos Vortex


If you're fascinated by planetary science or just love a complex design, this two-part geometric tattoo comprising a globe and a black hole will be sure to enchant you as much as it does us. The curved line work here is stellar.

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Soul Alignment

Align and protect yourself with this dainty vertical tattoo. With a lotus, om, and evil eye, you can have faith that something somewhere has your back.

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Eye on You

Love the look and meaning of the evil eye? This ankle tattoo will have your back to ward off any bad vibes that pop into your path.

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Leopard Love

The super-realistic leopard looks even wilder surrounded by ultra-fine lines. If you look closely, you'll notice that the face of the jungle cat is stippled to perfection, making this geometric tattoo a dot-work masterpiece.

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Watercolor Lilies

Watercolor tattoos offer a muted, unexpected splash of color. While geometric tattoos certainly look stunning in black and white iterations, this design is perfect for more colorful personalities.

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Box of Flowers

Pairing intricately detailed flowers with a thin, sharp parallelogram is the perfect way to strike balance with a geometric design.

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The Jungle Monarch

Geometric Tattoos Lion


If you love the way lines can make an artistic statement, try turning a lion (or your personal favorite beast) into a geometric tattoo. It gives an in-process feel, but the lifelike detail still takes center stage.

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