If You're Into Crystals, You'll Love the Latest Popular Hair Color Trend

Updated 06/22/17
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As a kid, crystals and geodes were the shiny relics I'd gawk at in souvenir stores or Pier 1, never thinking more of them than as pretty decorations I couldn't touch thanks to the "You break it, you buy it" rule. Little did I know, these shimmering stones were actually a tool to recalibrate your energy and balance your mind, body, and soul. 

Today, you can't throw a rock (or a shiny quartz) in Los Angeles without hitting a crystal shop; our Instagram feeds are peppered with collections of amethysts and calcite, and stones are sold in the mainstream market to mitigate symptoms from lackluster skin to low libido (take Goop's jade Kegel egg, for example). 

It's no surprise, then, that the crystal obsession has migrated to beauty; first with nails, then makeup, and now hair. According to George Papanikolas, Matrix celebrity stylist, "geode hair" is "the latest trend for fashion colors which color melts crystalline hues.  Think pink quartz, amethyst, and sapphire blues."

See some of the looks in action below!

rose quartz hair
Paley Fairman

Byrdie news editor Victoria Hoff dyed her hair rose quartz earlier in the year, a process that took two days to transform her brunette locks into a dreamy rosé hue. Rose quartz is said to rev up the love in your life, whether with someone else or with yourself.

goede hair

When we asked Papanikolas which colors look best in geode form, he said, "Jewel tones that come from nature always have the perfect complement. By blending and color melting blues to amethyst to pink quartz, you get colors that are seamlessly blended." Or you could just use our handy crystal guide and let the color choose you.

geode hair

"[Geode hair is] bolder when it's all over, but it's always fun as a peekaboo underneath when you're not ready for the full commitment," says Papanikolas.

If you are ready to take the plunge, he says it will last around 20 shampoos, especially when you use a good-quality saturated dye like Matrix Color Sync Watercolors. "The more pastel the tones, the faster they fade," he explains.

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