The Latest Gender Reveal Trend Ditches Cakes and Balloons for This Instead

Hand with colorful manicure holding pink ice cream cone filled with colorful, deflated balloons


When it comes to creative ways expecting parents choose to reveal the sex of their babies, we've certainly seen it all. From formal announcements to elaborate parties with color-coordinated cake cuttings or balloons, the options run the gamut from subtle to over-the-top. But the latest gender reveal trend popping up among moms-to-be is a bit more subtle—nail art.

Allure reports that "new moms are revealing the sex of their babies by getting manicures in light pink or blue hues, even opting for nail art like tiny rattles, pacifiers, and other baby-related items." For expecting parents who've decided to keep the sex of their baby unknown until birth, manicures boasting alternating pinks and blues have become a popular way to celebrate the pregnancy without assigning a gender.

See below for some of the ways women are using nail art for their baby's gender reveal.


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