Gemstone-Infused Skincare Is Now a Thing


Karissa Fanning for The Lane

By now, we’re rarely surprised by the ingredients that make it into skincare products. Bee venom? Why not. Salmon sperm? Um, guess so. Rose quartz, pearl, and jade? Well, now that just seems a little excessive… or is it? Gemstone-infused skincare is a trend we’ve seen slowly creeping into the beauty sphere, with ingredients like “ruby crystals” and “moonstone essence” finding their way into the labels of our favorite brands. What exactly is gemstone essence? And more importantly, why should we want to put it on our face? We posed our pressing questions to the founders of Gemstone Organic, a line of natural skincare products featuring, you guessed it, gemstone essences. Their answer? You’ll have to keep scrolling to find out.

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