These Gel Moisturizers Hydrate Oily Skin Without the Added Grease

The coolest thing about gel-based moisturizers is that their versatile formulas get along with all skin types. However, if you're on the oilier side, you'll most definitely meet your match because these hydration boosters are amazing at regulating your skin's oil production. You might think you need to lean on heavy, rich moisturizers because the cold is officially here, but we beg to differ. Gel moisturizers feel conveniently weightless, which allows them to quickly absorb into your pores and work their magic while playing nice with other products in your skincare arsenal. It's a very diplomatic moisturizer that you honestly can't go wrong with.

A lot of formulas are oil-free, which is ideal, while others may contain small amounts of oil for nourishing purposes. Additionally, most gel-based options include hyaluronic acid, which happens to be the star ingredient for hydration. Lean on these 11 gel moisturizers for oily skin to get you through the brisk fall and winter. They're lightweight enough so you won't have to put them down once spring comes.