10 Gel-Based Moisturizers Every Combo Skin Type Needs

The beauty of gel-based moisturizers (the good ones, anyway) is that their lightweight, water-based formulas replenish moisture for a plump, hydrated complexion without any of the heavy textures that can make certain skin types break out. I know as a combination skin type, the day I switched to gel moisturizer was the day the clogged pores, milia, and random zits I was accustomed to getting decided to calm the hell down, giving way to bouncy—not greasy—skin. When you find a gel moisturizer that's super lightweight but is also packed with no-joke hydrators like hyaluronic acid, plus antioxidants and other goodies, your skin is in for a real treat. 

The not-so-pretty side of gel moisturizers, however, is that sometimes they are upsettingly sticky, and they often just don't feel hydrating enough. With the following 10 products, you don't have to worry about that stuff. The Byrdie edit team (featuring skin types from dry to acne-prone) have tried dozens of gel moisturizers over the years, and these are our current ride-or-dies. Keep reading to find the gel-based moisturizer that speaks to you!