How to Tell Your Face Shape (For Dudes)

Knowing your face shape makes a difference.

Finding the right hairstyles for your face shape can be challenging. There are many factors to consider, and while it's one thing to describe a male face shape, we've rounded up a series of pictures to makes the process significantly easier. Take a look around this gallery of male face shapes—because there are a lot of shapes, seriously—and see if there's one that's close to yours. Knowing this information might not seem monumental now, but it will help you better determine how to choose the right hairstyle once you know your shape. The reason this matters: We know you want your hair to look nice, right? Knowing your face shape means you can avoid getting an ill-fitting cut next time you're in the barber's chair so your hair comes out looking great. Keep scrolling to figure out how to tell your face shape. Allow these handy celeb pictures to be your guide.

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Male Face Shapes - Triangular

Justin Timberlake at the Oscars
Steve Granitz / Contributor / Getty Images

Justin Timberlake has a triangular face, which is characterized by wide cheekbones and forehead, and a pointed chin.

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Male Face Shapes - Triangular

Similarly, Ryan Gosling has a triangular face. It tapers down by the chin, see?

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Male Face Shapes - Square

Nick Lachey
Noel Vasquez / Contributor / Getty Images

Nick Lachey has square features: a jawline almost as wide as it is long with straight sides, and the jaw and cheekbones are the same width.

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Male Face Shapes - Square

David Beckham is another great example of someone with a square face.

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Male Face Shapes - Round

Elijah Wood
David Livingston / Stringer / Getty Images

You'll recognize a round face by the fact that the jawline is round, the face almost as wide as it is tall, and the cheekbones are round as well.

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Male Face Shapes - Round

Jack Black at his Hollywood walk of fame honoree ceremony
Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Like Elijah Wood, Jack Black has a round face.

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Male Face Shapes - Oval

Barry Watson at the Wreck it Ralph Premiere
Gregg DeGuire / Contributor / Getty Images

An oval face is considered the "ideal" shape for a man, although any face shape can be good looking. However, a slightly rounded jaw and a face with no unusual characteristics (big mouth or eyes) that resembles the shape of an egg can be very attractive.

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Male Face Shapes - Oval

Jude Law at the Captain Marvel European Gala
Mike Marsland/Getty Images

Case in point about oval faces being attractive, Jude Law.

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Male Face Shapes - Long

People with long faces like Kiefer Sutherland have a face longer than it is wide, often rounded jawline, and cheekbones and jaw the same width.

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Male Face Shapes - Long

Eminem at the Southpaw premiere
Jim Spellman/WireImage/Getty Images

Eminem has a long face.

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Male Face Shapes - Diamond

Pete Wentz
Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images

In pinpointing a diamond face, you'll note that the cheekbones are widest part of the face, the forehead and jawline are narrow, and the jawline is long and pointed.

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Male Face Shapes - Diamond

Robert Pattinson attending Dior Homme
Dominique Charriau / Wire Image / Getty Images

Robert Pattinson has a classic diamond face.

Now that you've identified your face shape, it's time to learn which cut accentuates your features best.

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