Gabrielle Union Hates Using the Word Diversity, and Here's Why

It's impossible to not be inspired by a woman like Gabrielle Union. The undeniable success of her career is one thing. Her poreless skin, ever-changing (yet always screenshot-worthy) hair, and stunningly snatched physique is another. And let's not even get started on her and Dwyane Wade—the two of them personify #RelationshipGoals. So of course, this actress, author, wife, mother, and businesswoman was at one of the biggest celebrations of Black Girl Magic in the world: Essence Fest. When I sat down with Union at the AT&T Dream in Black luncheon, not only did my heart skip a beat when she acknowledged that we'd met before (and had a real conversation about diversity in the industry), but she also reminded me that she was about to be 46 years old and has been coming to Essence Fest for a very long time.

"It's a family reunion," she said. "You see people you haven't seen in years—everyone and their mother is here. It feels like a celebration of us [and] a safe space to exist in joy and in celebration." Union went on to say how fortunate she feels to be surrounded by women who have shared many of the same life experiences as her. "I'm lucky to be around women who've been in therapy just as long as I have been," Union said. "Who are living out loud and proud and so [at Essence Fest], this is just more of us. You know what I mean—this is like Wakanda."