Exclusive: Gabrielle Union Shares Her Favorite Beauty DIY, Miracle Hair Product, And More

Gabrielle Union is one of those women you want to hate—that skin, that hair, that megawatt smile!—but simply can’t, because she’s so damn down to earth and genuine. In other words: someone we'd want to actually hang out with, and not just admire from afar. We sat down and chatted with the Neutrogena ambassador about her latest project with the brand, the Buy 1 + Donate 1 initiative, which helps families in need use proper sun protection (you can find out more about the project here). “Coming from a depressed part of the country where we weren’t born with silver spoons in our mouths, I can relate and empathize with being without necessities,” Union says. “Plus, with all the recent research, we now know that everyone of all different skin types runs the risk of cancer without proper sun protection.”

And while we had her, we also made sure to ask her for her best beauty tricks, can’t-live-without hair products, and how she keeps her skin looking so amazing (hint: it involves ice).

Keep flipping to read our interview!