I Tried Function of Beauty's Customized Body Wash and Lotion—These Are My Honest Thoughts

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 Tynan Sinks

I am, above all things, obsessed with myself. I love anything customized to me, because, I mean, why wouldn’t I? I’m a picky guy with a weird name that lives and dies by my very specific (pink) aesthetic. Anything that can play to my strengths, I’m immediately down for.

When Function of Beauty dropped a few years back, I approached the brand with curious caution. They were a haircare brand that started off making shampoo and conditioner customized for your hair. I’ve always been much more interested in makeup than hair, but at the time, I had been bleaching and coloring my hair for years, so anything that was optimized for my very particular fried and color-treated hair sounded good to me.

In short, I loved it, and I’ve sworn by it ever since. They customize their product to your hair type, structure, and goals, and give you a shampoo and conditioner that, to me, is the best in the business. They have since expanded into leave-ins, deep conditioning masks, and hair serums. No matter what my formula (it has changed since I’ve stopped bleaching my hair) it feels like I’ve given my hair a deep conditioning treatment every time.

Now, they're breaking into body.

About My Skin 

In terms of my body, I have normal skin, not super dry unless I’m in the middle of the colder months, which is common. I have, however, become prone to body acne as I’ve gotten older. I’ve completely changed my shower and body care routine to work around this. I rarely use body products with fragrance, not because I find them irritating or I have anything against them—it’s just all of these boring body acne products are unscented.

The Science (how it works, how it's personalized, the quiz)

ANYWAY. Suffice it to say that when they announced a customized body line, I was stoked. The body collection comes with a body wash and body lotion customized to your skin’s moisture level.

Function Body

They have three formulas for skin types ranging from balanced, dry, and very dry. The drier your skin, the more key ingredients—like capuacu butter and sunflower seed oil— they’ll pack into the formula to both moisturize and help your skin retain moisture. The formulas are cruelty-free, vegan, and clean by Byrdie’s standards.

Some of the actives in each formula are:

Function of Beauty Body Lotion

  • Argan oil: nourishes and softens
  • Vegan squalane: revents moisture loss and helps increase skin’s flexibility
  • Cupuacu butter: moisturizes (in the dry and very dry formulas)
  • Sunflower seed oil: rich in vitamin E which nourishes and helps retain moisture (in the dry and very dry formulas)

Function of Beauty Body Wash

  • Sunflower seed oil: rich in vitamin E, which nourishes and helps retain moisture
  • Apple extract and glycerine: smooths
  • Betaine (sugar beet extract): moisturizes and softens (in the dry and very dry formulas)
Function Body Wash

You can also choose your scent, customize its strength, and choose its color if you, like me, have a deep an unwavering commitment to your personal brand. I chose the formula for dry skin as we’re getting close to fall and I’m going to be needing that sooner than I’d like to admit. Also, I chose pink.

The Look/Feel/Experience of Using It

The body wash is a thick gel, which I love. It has a nice, satisfying lather and leaves my skin feeling moisturized without feeling filmy or greasy (know what I mean? Ugh.) I don’t get out of the shower feeling like I need to shower again.

But here’s the thing about me and body lotion. I hate it. I hate how it feels, it gives me little shivers, eek. I don’t even like hand lotion! But I realize that no one likes a dry body, so I try to lotion up, specifically at night. I still don’t like it, but I do it, and the more I do it, the more my body wants it.

As far as lotions go, this one is really nice, even for me. I actually quite like that the consistency isn’t thin, but it isn’t thick, either. It’s springy, not slippery, and has a nice cushiony feel as you rub it in. It also soaks into skin, again, without feeling slick or greasy. It leaves my skin feeling soft and velvety. Maybe I do like this lotion. 

The Scent

I am such a freak about whatever fine fragrance I’m spraying on that day that I don’t like my products to have any scent to them. I don’t want my hair product to run interference on my Byredo, feel me? BUT, I really do love Function’s scents. Their scented hair products are always a nice part of my shower, so I decided to treat myself to the pear scent. I love it, it smells as close to a real-life pear as a body product can.

They not only let you choose your fragrance, but the strength of the fragrance. I copped the medium strength, and I really like it, though next time I could probably go with “light” and be just as happy. It’s not that the scent is too heavy, it’s just, like I said, I don’t love scented products.

If you’re nervous about scents in your skincare and body products, that’s understandable. Though your body is typically less prone to reaction from scents, they also have an unscented option (and a dye-free option) just in case, which I would buy immediately and without question. I probably will anyway just to have it on deck. 

The Results

As far as measurable results go from a body wash and lotion, I mean, my skin is clean and my skin is soft. I suppose the real truth is in the reuse, and I’ve been using the lotion every single night, and the body wash intermittently, but only because I always reach for my acne-fighting body washes first (love to constantly talk about body acne!) Though I usually shower twice a day so even so, I’m reaching for this a lot. 

The Value

My favorite thing about Function is how affordable the custom formulas are is. A pair of 16oz bottles will run you $30, while a single will run you $20. And okay, that may not be the most inexpensive option, but for a custom formula? It’s a steal.

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