Personalized Shampoo? It Exists


Function of Beauty

Have you always wanted a shampoo that was personalized for your hair type? Function of Beauty recently launched a shampoo and conditioner set that allows you to achieve any hair goal of your choosing. (The company offers 300 million combinations!) The best part: Your personalized shampoo gets delivered with your name on the label. [StyleCaster]

Taking a perfect selfie is an art form. The latest trend for a picture-perfect pose requires you to channel your inner… dinosaur? [SheFinds]

Makeup artists will always say that blending is the most important part of any makeup routine. Although there are brushes and sponges out there that can blend out your foundation, none compare to a sponge that vibrates, leaving you with a flawless finish. Meet Clinique’s new Sonic Makeup Applicator, which promises you the airbrushed skin of your dreams. [InStyle]

Itchy, burning, watery, or red eyes can ruin your day (and your makeup). While this happens to all of us every so often, some of us experience it daily. There are a few tricks, like buying doctor-approved products, that can eliminate the problem for good. [] 

With spring in full swing, there comes a new batch of freak-out–worthy beauty launches. Here’s a list of the most exciting new beauty products all under $20. [PopSugar]

It’s happened to the best of us: As you’re applying mascara to finish off your makeup look, you get some on your lower lashes (or eyelids). But not all hope is lost. Find out how to remove the smudge without ruining the rest of your makeup. [PureWow] 

We all know the power that makeup has to change a face and its features. Watch as a Korean beauty vlogger transforms into Taylor Swift. The results are uncanny. [Self]

Bold hair colors like pink tend to be associated with millennials… but not anymore. See which celeb has jumped on the train. We’re obsessed. [The Huffington Post]

Getting ready in the morning can be time-consuming. If you curl your hair on a regular basis and want to cut some time out of your routine, this tip is for you. Hint: You need a hair tie. [PureWow]

There’s a myth that natural beauty products don’t last as long as their traditional counterparts. Celebrity makeup artists prove this isn’t true by sharing their favorite nontoxic, red carpet–worthy products. [The Huffington Post] 

Here are more under-the-radar products makeup artists love!