Function of Beauty’s Customized Skincare Line Gave Me Clear, Dewy Skin in One Month

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Function of Beauty has completely reimagined the world of custom beauty products. In 2015, the company made its debut as the world’s first fully customizable hair brand and its innovative approach to beauty has garnered the support of over 736K loyal followers. Over the past five years, the forward-thinking company has continuously evolved to meet the unique beauty needs of consumers. In July, the brand expanded to body care and now they’re rounding out their offerings with the highly-anticipated launch of its skincare line. 

"When we thought about the Function of Beauty skincare proposition, it was designed around three principles,” SVP of Product and Innovation Samantha Mang says. "One is being simple. We've seen the introduction of K-beauty, which has several different steps depending on what you do in your regimen, and we wanted to pare that back. Secondly, making sure that it's effective. You want things that will work for your skin. The last thing is being really delightful to use. People love us for packaging or fun scents and we wanted to bring that pleasure back to skincare."

Fast Facts


BEST FOR: Every skin type

USES: Individuals customize their skincare products to meet their unique skin goals


PRICE: $25 for cleanser, $45 for moisturizer, and $50 for serum

ABOUT THE BRAND: Founded in 2015, Function of Beauty offers personalized hair, body, and skincare products.

Getting Started

Like its predecessors, the skincare range—which includes a cleanser, serum, and moisturizer—is 100% customizable and there are over three billion unique formulation possibilities. To get started, you take the brand’s quick skincare quiz that asks questions about your skin type, skin goals, fragrance preference, format preferences, and frequency. Using the data from your skincare quiz, Function of Beauty automatically curates your routine but you are able to swap products out as you see fit (or just buy singular products). And no matter what products you end up with, you can trust that what you’re putting on your skin is always cruelty-free, vegan, sulfate-free, sustainable, and customized in the U.S.

Ahead of the brand’s launch, I had the chance to try out Function of Beauty’s custom skincare set. I love the idea of a product being made just for me (who doesn't?), so I couldn’t wait to slather the products on my face when they arrived at my door. And the cute pastel packaging with my name on it only upped my excitement. For the past month, I’ve been using the three-step system in the mornings and nights. How did my skin respond? Find my honest thoughts ahead.  

Function of Beuaty
Function of Beuaty

About My Skin: Normal but often skews dry

When it comes to my skin, I don’t experience many breakouts and can use almost anything on my face without it causing irritation. But, I’ve always been prone to dryness. And like many, my skin’s dehydration and dullness are only heightened during the fall and winter when it's cooler outside and the air lacks moisture. Because of this, I indicated on my skincare quiz that I wanted my curated products to hydrate and brighten my complexion.  

The Products

Jelly Cleanser 

Function of Beauty Jelly Cleanser
Function of Beauty Jelly Cleanser $25.00

Based on my selections during the skincare quiz, I received the jelly cleanser (they also offer a micellar gel cleanser). This version of the brand’s cleanser is only available without fragrance, so as I began my skincare routine I knew I could expect a super gentle and non-irritating wash. As its name suggests, the cleanser boasts a jelly-like texture that also feels creamy to the touch. Every morning and night, I applied a few pumps to my hand, massaged the cleanser onto my skin, and rinsed with water. Each time I used the cleanser, it left my skin feeling soft and clean without stripping it of its natural oils. 


Function of Beauty Serum
Function of Beauty Serum $50.00

After cleansing, I moved on to the serum which is only available in one format. I applied a full dropper of the product to my clean, dry skin and pressed it onto every part of my face. I immediately noticed how it soaked right into my skin, leaving my skin feeling so plump and moisturized.

Face Cream Moisturizer

Function of Beauty Face Moisturizer Cream
Function of Beauty Face Cream Moisturizer $45.00

Function of Beauty’s Face Cream Moisturizer comes in three formats: a gel, face lotion, or face cream. I received the face cream, which is a rich and emollient moisturizer that seals in the benefits of the serum. I applied the lightweight cream all over my face and neck and I was immediately met with skin that felt soft, supple, and not greasy in the slightest bit. But because my skin is chronically dry (especially during this time of year), I noticed my skin needed another slathering of moisturizer by mid-day. 

The Ingredients: A dynamic formula

What powers each of these skincare products? A potent blend of skin-loving ingredients.

The cleansing jelly contains glycolipids, betaine, panthenol, and allantoin—which work together to amp up my skin’s moisture levels. Because hydration was one of my skincare goals, my jelly cleanser also contains moisture-boosting ingredients like hyaluronic acid and blue-green algae. Since I also wanted the products to brighten, tangerine extract and vitamin C were included in the formulation to illuminate my complexion.

The star ingredients in the serum are similar to the cleanser—betaine, panthenol, and allantoin. It also contains the same hydrating and brightening ingredients. This cream is formulated with Tsubaki oil, raspberry oil, phospholipids, vegan squalane, and beetroot extract. These nourishing ingredients help the skin retain moisture while soothing and softening. Like the previous two products, the moisturizer is also infused with the hydrating and brightening blend. 

The Packaging: Fun and vibrant

Function of Beauty is known for its fun packaging. Each bottle and jar comes in a mood-boosting bright color that will look beautiful lining your bathroom counter. The best part? Your name is inscribed on each container, so the products feel extra personal.

The Scent: Light and airy

When selecting your products, you have the option to include fragrance or forego it. My cleanser was fragrance-free, but my serum and moisturizer contained a light scent. The serum and moisturizer smelled perfectly light, airy, and refreshing. It reminded me of the smell of fresh air on a spring day.

The Results: Hydrated, happy skin

After using these three products for the past month, I can say that they do their job and do it well. I wanted products that would moisturize and brighten my skin and these do just that. After cleansing, applying serum, and rubbing in my moisturizer, my skin always feels incredibly supple and has a subtle glow. I can kiss dull, dry skin goodbye this fall as long as I keep these products in rotation.

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