The Anti-Diet: Why You Should Get on Board With the Full-Fat Movement

After a winter full of treating myself (yes, I love Chinese food and beer), I needed a detox. I connected with Farah Fahad, MS, RD, dietitian and founder of The Farah Effect, to reset my body, mind, and metabolism in just three days. One of the biggest takeaways from my time spent with Fahad was to completely cut out artificial sweeteners and anything that comes in a package. Turns out artificial sweeteners also change your taste buds, as they are much sweeter than regular sugar. She notes, "The majority of packaged foods can be high in chemicals and preservatives, so read labels to make sure what you're buying has minimal ingredients. You should be able to recognize and pronounce every ingredient on that list."

This shift from viewing low-fat as a good thing has been a trend over the last decade in the wellness field. Keep scrolling to find out why the health world thinks you should start embracing (healthy) fats!