These Photos of Frozen, Snow-Covered Eyelashes Are Actually Kind of Magical

Before we launch into discussing the crazy, eyelash-freezing winter weather, I have something to admit. I'm writing this from Los Angeles, where it's a balmy 64 degrees in January. I know, East-Coasters, I know. You're probably wondering at my cold-weather resolve and thinking I have no right to comment—especially since you've just experienced something ominously dubbed the "Bomb Cyclone." But I'm a Midwesterner, born and raised, and I've been through 22 frigid winters. So yes, I empathize and I understand.

While Midwest and East Coast winters don't scare me, Russian winters do. You see, according to Allure, people in Siberia have started sharing photos of their stark white, ice-covered eyelashes after going outside in negative-degree weather. Their lashes literally freeze into icy clumps. Though they leave us shivering, these photos are strangely beautiful to look at.