Chill Out Your Manicure With the Frosted Nails Trend

Let's get frosty.

Frosted Nails


You know it’s officially winter when you’re wearing all your cold weather accessories, like tights, hats and scarves on repeat. But you might want to skip the gloves (or go fingerless!) to show off the frosted nails trend. Envision sheer, pearly shimmer that screams winter wonderland.

“Frosted nails are a perfect winter look—think glistening snow and icicles,” says Syreeta Aaron, LeChat Nails Educator. “A sheer frosted nail would be a nail with a clearer look. Imagine a frosted window as it gives the illusion of white to a clear ombré frosted tip.”

Where You've Seen It

Consider this another case of a new spin on a classic look. “These are techniques and looks that we as nail techs have been doing for quite some time,” Aaron says. 

Celebrity nail artist Elle adds, “It’s been incorporated in the professional market for over five years and the trend has grown because of the mass brands and from celebrities wearing it.

Who Can Wear Frosted Nails?

Anyone! One of the best things about the trend is its versatility. “Frosted nails are a nice, neat and professional look, with a touch of flare,” Aaron says. “I believe this is a neutral look that can be worn for any occasion. It’s a way to just have fun with your nails by adding the shimmer which gives it a nice little pop.”

How to Get Frosted Nails

Another perk of the trend is options abound when it comes to DIYing it. “There are many new ways to use it,” Elle says. “You create depth, light and design for your nail designs.” She suggests opting for a 3D version by adding stones, foil and textured glitters and shimmer to build the extra dimension on top. Another go-to method for her is magnetic polish for a shimmery finish.

For a simpler version of frosted nails, Aaron suggests grabbing a white pearl polish. or you can use white polish as a base coat and add a shimmer chrome like LeChat Dare to Wear Metallux Unicorn Tears ($12) or a shimmer chrome glitter like LeChat Dare to Wear Sky Dust Kindling Flame ($12) that replicates a sheer pearly chrome on top of the white polish. 

“You can also create a frosty nail look by creating a drip effect from the cuticle area going down or in an opposite direction from the free edge area up to the cuticle,” Aaron says. “This look gives an icicle type of look on the nail. With this look you can add a glitter that is a shimmery clear to give it a textured, frosted look.” 

Want to get two trends for the price of one? Combine a frosted look with an ombre effect by using an acrylic system or gel polish, according to Aaron. You’ll need clear tips, or you can create a tip that is clear with clear powder or gel if you choose to build your own tip. “After you have created your tip, use white powder like LeChat Perfect Match Dip Flawless White ($16) from the cuticle and ombré it down to where the free edge is clear,” Aaron advises. “You want to create a nice graduated blend from a heavy pigment white around the cuticle area to a frosted clear at the free edge.”

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