Camille Charrière Got the Ultimate French-Girl Haircut

Fringe: Camille Charriere reveals new fringe

The French-Girl Fringe

A fringe immediately changes the whole dimension of a face, not only helping to better frame your features but also offering a more directional look. But while you might think fringe is only right for those who have long, straight hair, think again. There are plenty of hairstyles that prove bangs are suitable for any type of hair texture and any face shape.

From those super-short bangs that really make a statement to the long grown-out fringe that A-list hairstylist George Northwood calls a "gringe," these fringe styles will instantly transform your face. And that's exactly why we love the haircut so much: A fringe will give you a fresh look without having to drastically cut all your hair. If we've convinced you to go for a chop, we suggest you take a look through our gallery of fringe styles to show to your hairstylist.

It's safe to say Camille Charrière already had great hair, but adding a fringe to the mix has elevated her look to a whole new level. Her center-parted bangs (cut by Josh Wood) create that effortless "I just got out of bed look"—perfect for anyone trying to nail the whole French-girl vibe.

Fringes: Bella Hadid With Smooth Hair and Fringe
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

The Shiny Fringe

There's something very Margot Tenenbaum about Bella Hadid's sleek curled-under bob and slightly split fringe. All she needs now is a hair slide or two.

Fringes: Emma Watson With Short Fringe
Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images

The Micro Fringe

This teeny-tiny choppy fringe gives Emma Watson's look a little more edge.

Fringes: Woman With Short Hair and Short Fringe

The Boyish Fringe

And while we're on the subject—short, choppy, micro fringes look especially great with cropped hair.

Fringes: Woman With Side-Swept Fringe

The Fake Fringe

Not ready to go for the chop? Simply fake a fringe by pulling the front section of your hair over your forehead and tucking behind the ear.

Fringes: Woman With Straight Fringe

The Triangular Fringe

This sort of fringe was standard issue for any straight-haired school girls. Its triangular shape and the way it's brought forward from the center of the scalp gives it weight, but only ask for this if you have enough hair to sacrifice from the main body.

fringes: woman with afro hair and fringe

The Coily Fringe

Textured coils look great pulled down over the forehead in a loose fringe and can give hair extra height.

Fringes: Woman With Disheveled Fringe

The Sweaty Fringe

You know the way hair goes after you've done a little light exercise? A little ruffled and a little sticky but in a totally good way. Well, invest in a texture spray and you needn't wear the Lycra just to achieve it.

Fringes: Woman With Long Straight Hair and Fringe

The Classic Long and Straight

This is the classic fringe look that can be achieved if you have long, straight hair. And if you don't? Simply investing in a decent pair of hair straighteners will sort that out.

Fringes: Woman With Silver Hair and Heavy Fringe

The Heavy Fringe

A shaggy fringe over the eyes is one of our favorite looks. Celebrity hairdresser George Northwood recommends getting it to soften the face.

Fringes: Woman With Curly Hair and Fringe

The Curly Fringe and Lob

Perhaps one of the more modern and exciting fringe styles is this curly lob-and-fringe combo. Proof that you don't have to do have straight bangs to look incredible.

Fringes: Woman With Shaggy Hairstyle and Fringe

The Rockstar Fringe

The messy hair with a deep fringe is ideal for those who want to do that bedhead hairstyle.

Fringes: Woman With Afro Hair and Fringe

The Natural Bangs

Natural hair totally suits a fringe—we love these piecey bangs that frame her face so beautifully.

Fringes: Karlie Kloss With Side-Swept Fringe

The Side-Swept Fringe

When Karlie Kloss first wore this side-swept fringe, it looked totally fresh thanks to the chic lob she had cut in at the same time. Speaking about the side-swept fringe, hairstylist Luke Hersheson says that this is the easiest of all: "It's the perfect first step if you're unsure about making the chop," he notes.

Fringes: Woman With Sleek Bowl Cut and Fringe

The Sleek, Blunt Fringe

A real statement, the blunt fringe is one of our favorite looks.

Fringes: Woman With Mullet Haircut and Fringe

The Mini-Mullet Fringe

Longer at the back and shorter at the front—a truly brave hairstyle, but one that looks incredible with a heavy fringe.

Fringes: Woman With Short Fringe

The Short Fringe

Much loved during the '90s, short fringes have been making a comeback.

Fringes: Woman With Overgrown Fringe

The Overgrown Fringe

As George Northwood advises, it's always important to find the right fringe for your face shape, recommending that "if you have softer features, you'll be able to carry off a wider range of fringe styles." 

Fringes: Woman With Choppy Fringe

The "Metal" Fringe

Short at the front but choppy all over, this dark cut is what we imagine Bella Hadid might go for if she ever went for a short hairstyle

Fringes: Woman With Spiky Fringe

The Short-and-Spiky Fringe

Short and spiky all over isn't for everyone, but it can highlight bold brows. 

Fringes: Woman With Long Curly Hair and Fringe

The Long, Curly Fringe

Another one for the curly-haired people. Keep the hair long and the bangs oversized. 

Fringes: Woman With Sharp Fringe

The "Emo" Fringe

While we might all be past our "emo" phases, this dark side-swept fringe still looks pretty cool.

Fringes: Sam Rollinson With Middle-Parted Fringe

The Middle-Parted fringe

To get blunt bangs such as these, the best idea is to keep the outside edges soft, so says celebrity hairstylist Paul Norton. To ensure they keep this straight, Norton recommends giving "them a slight roundness in the middle with [a straightener]. Then slightly drag the edges to the side, which will give them movement and softness."

Fringes: Woman With Grown-Out Fringe

The Grown-Out Fringe

Have a fringe and want to grow it out? Push it to the side, and then tie up your hair in a low pony. 

Who knew there were that many ways to wear a fringe? Any of these styles will amp up your look with little to no effort.

Opening image: Getty/Marc Piasecki

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