Exclusive: Your Favorite Face Mask Just Got a Major Makeover

In recent years, rose has steadily risen to favorite-child status in the beauty world. Now synonymous with words like hydrating, soothing, and smells so good I want to bathe in it, the fragrant ingredient can be found in everything from masks to lotions to the most exquisite of perfumes. Fifteen years ago, Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg, co-founders of much-loved beauty brand Fresh, zeroed in on the star ingredient and created their now-iconic Rose Face Mask ($62); since then, it’s expanded to an entire line. In honor of the mask’s 15th birthday, they’re releasing a limited-edition version that features a custom rose print by London-based artist Jo Ratcliffe. We caught up with the two founders and chatted all things rose—from its Egyptian origins to how exactly the magical product gets infused into our favorite skincare products. Keep scrolling to discover the mysterious powers of rose!