This Is the #1 Beauty Question French Women Google

Ever wonder what the most-googled beauty questions are? teamed up with mega-popular search engine Google to reveal just that. The results? Leave it to the Parisians to demand definitive direction on logical beauty hygiene.

France’s top Google beauty hit wasn't skincare-related, as we might have predicted; instead, it was a simple query: “When does makeup expire?” The answer, to paraphrase the advice of Kelly Reynolds, Ph.D., a microbiologist at the University of Arizona's Zuckerman College of Public Health, is that eye makeup should be discarded after three months, liquid products have a shelf life of one year, and powders can stick around for two years. Of course, should your #shelfie contain products giving off a gnarly scent, or if anything just looks wonky, play it safe and toss it out—especially when it comes to anything applied to the eye area. (We've got a more detailed breakdown of makeup expiration dates for you here.)

A full list organized by country is available on and includes other queries like “Is foundation bad for acne?” and “Which vitamins are good for hair and skin?” But remember, just because you toss your makeup the moment expires doesn’t mean you don’t need to keep your brushes super clean, too. We love the eco-friendly French brand Antonym Cosmetics’ Travel Set ($85). The case not only looks minimal cool but also protects brushes from additional exposure to germs if you are regularly using it to store brushes.

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