Can This French 'Tonique' Solve All Your Hair Problems?

Shampoo, conditioner, a mask, maybe a leave-in conditioner—we’re all familiar with the most basic steps of the American haircare routine. But lately I’ve been fixated on an outlier from the standard regimen that originates from—where else?—France. Enter Leonor Greyl’s line of toniques, which I’ve started calling “medicine for your hair.” (If medicine was incredibly chic and something you’d want to take every day, that is.) I’ve been using the Tonique Hydratant ($43), which moisturizes thirsty strands; there’s also the Tonique Vivifiant ($51) for thinning hair, and Tonique Végétal ($45) for oily scalps. So—what exactly is a tonique, and how might it help you achieve your French-girl hair goals? Allow me to explain.

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