This French Manicure Trick Is Going Viral on TikTok

And our experts say it actually works.

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A simple at-home manicure can be a great way to dive into self-care. However, things can quickly go south—and completely ruin your chill—if you stumble upon what looks like a time-saving nail hack on social media only to have your DIY results disappoint.

Over the last few years, TikTok has become a hub for finding helpful tips and tricks to your everyday life. And frankly, some work... and others are an absolute disaster. The hit-or-miss aspect of the user-generated advice sometimes leaves us skeptical about whether a hack will live up to the hype. That being said, experimenting with beauty tricks and seeing what sticks is part of the fun.

The latest TikTok videos dominating our timelines? Clips that demonstrate how to get the perfect French tip manicure without any mess—and this technique definitely looks worth the try.

Keep scrolling to see the effortless French manicure methods taking TikTok by storm and find out how to try it at home. 

The Hack

Traditionally, a French tip nail is achieved by outlining a curve on the nails before filling it with your desired color. As you’d imagine, it can take a bit of practice if you don’t have a completely steady hand. However, thanks to the innovators on Tiktok, nail enthusiasts have found a risk-free approach to creating the look using a silicone nail stamper, and the technique has really taken off.

A Look At The Trend

Videos of people achieving French manicures using silicone nail stamping tools and beauty sponges have begun to dominate our timelines. Some have even gotten creative by experimenting with colorful variations. See for yourself. 

The Verdict: It Works

Meet the Expert

Nail experts Brittany Boyce and Tamara DiLullo tried the trick for themselves and were happy to report that it actually works. Nails Of LA Founder Boyce shares, “this trick does actually work, and I’m happy to report that it works with regular lacquer and gel formulas.”

DiLullo chose not to use her nail stamper and instead opted to try the beauty sponge technique, and she happily reported it still worked “pretty well.” The CND Brand Ambassador offered further insight: “I wouldn’t use my nail stamper because pressing with the tip of natural nails repetitively into the surface could damage the surface quite quickly. When I teach nail art stamping, I always explain to my students to never use acetone on these tools because they destroy the delicate silicone. Instead, roll off excess polish with a lint remover. Yup, you heard me correct.”

On the other hand, nail artist and educator at NailPro Magazine, Rebecca Ludwig, recommends purchasing a silicone nail stamper dedicated to your French nail art needs, citing a silicone beauty blender alternative doesn't work quite the same because silicone nail stampers are “a little bit thicker.”

As for ease of use, Boyce insists this technique is very user-friendly. ”Thankfully, this viral hack is beginner-friendly and is quite easy for at-home DIY because it doesn’t end up all over your cuticles,” she shares. “And you don't need super long nails to do this trick successfully.”

Read on to get our experts' advice for nailing this trend on the first go.

Apply Enough Nail Polish To The Stamper

“Too little nail polish on the stamper will cause it to dry up too quickly, and it won't work,” explains Ludwig. She notes the importance of ensuring that the polish is placed on the stamper in an even layer so that it dries evenly.

Press in Your Nail At A 45-degree Angle  

“Instead of ‘dipping’ your nail into the middle of the lacquer puddle on the top of the silicone nail stamp pad, you want to position your nail toward the edge of it. This way, the nail polish won't get under your fingers and will only coat the top of your nail,” says Boyce.

Don’t Try This On Short Nails

“This trick will likely result in a complete mess on short nails,” says Ludwig. Instead, be sure that your nails have a bit of length to prevent getting any polish on the pad of your finger. 

The Alternatives

Not interested in giving the hack a try? Our experts have you covered if you’re still looking to achieve amazing French tip manicures at home.

“As an alternative route to get a clean French tip at home, you can use the ORLY Half Moon Guide ($5) to give you the perfect arch,” Boyce recommends.

For another option to nail stickers, DiLullo suggests trying hole punch stickers. “They work really well because they are round and will give you the perfect smile-shaped line. Plus, they're soooo satisfying to peel off!”

Our suggestion: If you want to avoid nail polish altogether, try press-on nails like these traditional Frenchies from Mani Muse Little White Lies Perfectly Press Gel Manicure ($16). For a twist on the classic, use the Nails of LA Modest Set ($16), and try Tella Nails Not Your Barbie Girl Press On Nails ($16) for a creative take on French tips.

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