How to Make Your Haircare Routine Really, Really French

There is more to being French that speaking the language or attempting to wear a beret. (Word of caution on the latter: Just don’t.) You must possess the ability to somehow make jeans and a simple (striped) tee look so cool it hurts, the power to show up at an event barefaced and still turn heads. It’s safe to say that we brash, worldly Americans are obsessed with the French ingénue—her style, her skin, her choice of carbs (ILY, baguettes), and, perhaps most obsessively, her hair.

“French-girl hair” has become an idea in and of itself, describing an artfully rumpled head of hair that appears to have magically air-dried to a soft, wavy mass—no texture spray required. Though we fully realize we’re this close to exhausting the subject (kidding, we passed that point long ago), we still. Want. More. More tips, more products, more advice—anything to help us get a little closer to understanding that textured head of hair that is, as one wise movie character once put it, full of secrets.

On this never-ending quest, we interviewed two experts to help us better understand the French way of haircare. One is world-renowned French colorist Christophe Robin, who rose to prominence after becoming actress Catherine Deneuve’s go-to—and has since worked with every chic French actress and model under the sun. Another is a real-life French girl named Rachel Jucaud, who willingly endured our beseeching questions and gave us a glimpse into her everyday hair routine. With these two on our side, the French way of haircare seems ever so slightly more within reach. Heads up: It’s time to say au revoir to your straightener.

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