I Tried the French Girl Beauty Brand Every Beauty Editor Is Obsessed With

Updated 04/15/19

You can tell how I feel about a beauty product by my willingness to share it with others. At the risk of making myself sound like a Scrooge, I tend to keep the things I love under lock and key. I have to practice restraint in order to keep my personal beauty stash from taking over my apartment, so I have developed strict standards that govern what I can and can't take home. Essentially, this means that only the products I am truly obsessed with make it into my bathroom. So when I realise my husband has taken a liking to my beloved $56 texturising spray, I quietly squirrel it away.

Sounds mean, I know, but... he has short hair. Believe me, to waste its magic on boy hair would be criminal. I've also hidden things from a former housemate who wouldn't stop sneaking my expensive purple toning shampoo (she was a brunette), and a shifty little sister with a penchant for both Chanel's Le Vernis and Urban Decay's Nude Palettes.

That brings me to French Girl, the organic beauty brand I am so enamoured with, I've hidden it ALL. Stocked by international retailers like Anthropologie and goop, the all-natural collection started out as a range of beauty products sold as an adjunct to handmade knits via an Etsy store. Founder Kristeen says she has been committed to creating products made with "exclusively organic, wild-crafted and sustainable ingredients" from the start, and considers the brand an amalgam of her life-long love of nature, French heritage and lifestyle.

The products are beautiful, minimal and effective and beauty editors are obsessed. With a re-launch coming later this year, French Girl is about to be everywhere.

Keep scrolling for my edit of the brand's best products.

Anna Hecek for Byrdie Australia

I'm so bewitched by these body oils, they've completely replaced all my old favourites. Usually, I detest shimmer, so believe me when I say, there is nothing sparkly about these. Each formula is based on skin-softening oils, and has mineral light-reflecting pigments added for subtle shine. As you'd expect, the effect is more glowy than glimmery.

I'm no stranger to the cellulite-busting effects of caffeine, so I knew I'd love this body scrub. Made from sugar, ground coffee, vanilla and a cocktail of oils (feat. coconut, hemp and vitamin E), it helps to smooth lumps and bumps. And the smell! So much better than a cup of French press. I'd use it every day if I could.

Facial Polish ($29)

A finely milled brown rice powder and clay exfoliant, this travel-friendly formula is rich in antioxidants and beneficial oils. I can totally imagine Parisian women using it to gently polish and clarify their skin. Either moisten with water, or sprinkle into your regular cleanser to supercharge it.

A lush blend of sugar, shea butter and nourishing oils, this pink scrub gently sloughs away flaky bits, leaving lips smooth and supple. The perfect pre-lipstick treatment, the formula is spiked with rose, spearmint and peppermint essential oils for extra-fresh breath. 

Four types of salt (Himalayan pink, French grey, Epsom and Dead Sea) combine with coconut oil to create a mineral-rich formula perfect for encouraging natural texture. Spritz through damp hair and air-dry for low-key waves, or mist lightly through blowdried hair for instant second-day hair.

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