Please No: Study Says Eating French Fries Twice a Week Could Literally Kill You

Updated 06/13/17
French Fries - Unhealthy Food
A Taste of Koko

There's no denying the addictive nature of sugar, fat, and salt—but out of all the evil (delicious) junk foods in the world, science says that our favorite one might just be the deadliest. (Not to freak you out or anything.)

This week, Bustle reported a new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, associating frequent french fry consumption with increased mortality risk. Conducted over the course of eight years, the study analyzed the diets of 4440 North American participants, ages 45 to 79 (236 of whom died at some point during that eight-year period). From their data, the researchers found that participants who consumed fried potatoes twice a week or more (that means french fries, tater tots, home fries, hash browns, etc.) more than doubled their death risk when compared to those who weren't fried potato fans.

Of course, eating lots of potatoes does not give you an automatic death sentence. Keep scrolling to learn more about this highly unfortunate (but not totally doomed) study.

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