6 Random French Drugstore Products I Can't Stop Using


Victoria Hoff

I'll just say it: I am exhausted by the beauty world's undying francophilia. I say this not only as a beauty editor who houses a definite appreciation for effortless beauty and niche drugstore items, but also as someone who has a sizable French heritage and also once lived in Paris for several months; who carried a suitcase full of the aforementioned niche drugstore items back with her when she returned to the States after that experience. Five years later, I've written (and read) about the same French products and trends enough that I am officially fatigued.

And yet, when I found myself in Paris again a month ago to report on the fitness and wellness scene in the city, I knew I couldn't fly home without at least browsing CityPharma, the destination drugstore on the Left Bank known for its unrivaled array of beauty offerings. Perhaps, I reasoned, all I really needed was some new inspiration… in the way of new-to-me products. So I ventured across the Seine and walked into the crowded store without any set plan or concrete idea of what I would buy. My only objective: Browse and purchase anything that spoke to me. In retrospect, this was probably (definitely) reckless as far as my wallet was concerned, but I ultimately walked away with a shopping bag full of items I was dying to try.

The takeaway, of course, is that I wasn't actually sick of French beauty—I was simply sick of hearing about the same products over and over again. And since I'd venture a guess that I'm not the only one, I'm offering up a handful of new finds that I'm already loving. The best part: They're all available online, so you don't have to fly to Paris to try them out. (Although on second thought, I fully endorse that strategy.)