The Real Difference Between French and American Beauty

There's no denying that French and American women are different when it comes to beauty. And damn if we don't spend a lot of time trying to pinpoint exactly what that difference is about. What distinguishes our cultural approach to beauty from that of our friends overseas? How do French women always look so—here comes that buzz word—effortlessly cool? Pretty and polished yet simultaneously laid-back and undone. As elegant as a ballerina, with the badass attitude of an indie rocker. Well, the subject of much discussion has finally been explained by the impossibly chic founder of iconic French beauty brand Caudalie, Mathilde Thomas. Thomas is the quintessential representation of French hip—utterly ageless, classy, and cool—and in her new book out this July, The French Beauty Solution, she breaks down the real difference between French and American beauty. Keep scrolling to find out what it is!