6 New(ish) French Beauty Products We Can't Stop Talking About

While it's true that July 14 marks Bastille Day, aka French independence day, we hardly need an occasion to demonstrate our long-standing Francophilia. From the borderline-absurd selection of drugstore products to their (almost) effortless approach to hair, makeup, and wellness, there really isn't much about French beauty that isn't covetable. Oh, and PS: Every French woman we encounter seems to have an endless stream of low-key amazing beauty secrets (though she'll always play it off as nothing).

And while we can't all be French girls, we can shop like one—starting with these notable new launches from some of the best makeup, skin, and haircare brands on that side of the Atlantic. From a travel-friendly hair oil to a truly game-changing face cream, shop some of the best new French beauty launches of the year below.