The Best Platforms to Stream Free Workouts Anytime, Anywhere

Free Workouts

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Getting awesome results from your workouts doesn’t have to involve the hefty cost of a personal trainer, or even the smaller cost of a gym, recreation center, or fitness studio classes. Thanks to the internet, streaming services, and phone apps, there is far more free content available than there will ever be time to try it all. From beginner yoga workouts to intense, muscle building HIIT sessions, we have a roundup of all the best platforms and instructors to stream free workouts anytime, anywhere. 

Note that these are completely free options, not paid platforms that offer free trials. Numerous paid subscription-based platforms, such as Peloton, often offer free trials, and can be great options for the short term. For our purposes here, we’ve selected only platforms that offer free content indefinitely, with no need to ever pay. 

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Best for Muscle Building: Sydney Cummings

Sydney Cummings uploads workouts every single day, and you can expect serious results from them. You can search her workouts based on time duration, low/high impact, and equipment needed. She gives modification options for every exercise for people who are injured or differently abled, and offers lots of positive encouragement throughout every workout.

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Best for Simple, Straightforward Workouts: Fitness Blender

This free site takes all the guesswork out of workouts. Before even clicking on one, you’re given info on its difficulty level, duration, equipment needed, and the range of calories it will burn. There are numerous body part specific workouts, as well as broader ones that range from HIIT to cardio to Pilates. Beyond that, there are many free healthful recipes, articles on nutrition and health, and a community forum with daily check-ins and conversations.

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Best for Short Workouts: 7 Minute Workout

The name of this app says it all. If you don't have a lot of time to spare for daily exercise, 7 Minute Workout has you covered with—no surprise—workouts that are seven minutes long. The workouts are science-based and focused on maximum results with minimum time spent. The interactive app allows you to compete with friends, take part in daily challenges, and watch 3D mockups of new exercise moves to ensure you understand them completely. Enthusiasts of 7 Minute Workout say you’ll be blown away by how much can be accomplished in only seven minutes, thanks to this app.

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Best for Body Positivity: Diverse Personal Training

Whether you want a simple stretching video or a more complex AMRAP circuit, Diverse Personal Training founder Natasha Korbut gives it to you in a way that all bodies can benefit from. With weight loss neither encouraged nor supported by DPT, the approach to whole body fitness and wellness is a revolutionary one—as well as one that is science-based and a much more uplifting experience for many people. Forget the fat shaming, talk of tightening your muffin top, or feeling that the body of an instructor is an impossibility for you, and instead, revel in a variety of workouts that celebrate you exactly as you are.

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Best for Those With Limited Mobility: Kim NonStop

Former Amazing Race contestant Kym Perfetto knows that not everyone has the mobility required to perform floor workouts; she also knows that plenty of folks with limited mobility are looking for maximum burn. Her video series of limited mobility workouts includes cardio and core exercises for those in wheelchairs or recovering from injuries, guaranteed to make you break a sweat.

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Best for a Full Fitness Plan: WeStrive

With tools like a fitness tracker and a journal, WeStrive aims to be as involved as possible in helping you achieve your goals. The app has dozens of free fitness plans created by trainers, making for a more personal approach than that of other apps. While they do also have paid programs with trainers that are fully customized, the amount of full plans available for free is notable. That even personal trainers use the app for their own fitness and speak highly of it is a testament to its effectiveness, as well.

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Best for Quick Tips: Moxie in Motion

Looking for a brief tutorial on different types of deadlifts, or one on how to strengthen your wrists? Follow trainer Michelle Martonick for frequent posts that will help you take your fitness to the next level. Her diverse background in functional movement, weightlifting, and breathwork come together to provide followers with a comprehensive approach that is as motivating as it is informative. While she doesn’t offer long workouts for free, her numerous short how-to videos will give you the skills and tools you need to make your at home exercise as successful as possible.

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Best for Fitness Yoga: CorePower Yoga

Our culture’s focus on using yoga for exercise more so than spiritual practice is one that CorePower Yoga leans into and embraces fully. They utilize the mindfulness of yoga to offer an “intensely physical workout,” and boast nearly two hundred studio locations. CorePower Yoga offers free on demand classes for all fitness levels, with no equipment needed beyond a yoga mat and a towel. They have a “New to Yoga” category for beginners, sculpting classes for advanced students, and a plethora of workout choices situated between those extremes.

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Best for Cultivating a Lifestyle: The Body Project

Daniel and Alexandra Bartlett, founders of The Body Project, operate under a simple premise: “Real people, real results.” They don’t expect you to dedicate your life to fitness; rather, they seek to help you develop a passion for movement and feeling good in your body. While their advanced workouts are definitely intense enough to make anyone sweat profusely, they also offer a wide variety of low impact, beginner workouts that people of any fitness level can comfortably do. They have hundreds of free workouts available, and regularly showcase their Body Project community members in them.

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Best for Training Like an Athlete: Nike Training Club

In addition to offering tons of free workouts, the Nike Training Club app also wants to help you achieve your fitness goals. It allows you to enter your information about your fitness level and goals, and will then decide on daily workouts for you to do. The app can even be set to send you reminders to do the workouts. Nike’s app has everything from nutrition guidance to entire programs that don’t require you to have any equipment at all, making it feel more like a personal trainer than a phone app. Workouts range from five to 60 minutes, and include HIIT, endurance, boxing, and yoga.

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