Sephora Is Giving Away Free Sheet Masks This Weekend, No Purchase Necessary

We love free stuff. You love free stuff! Who doesn't love free stuff? Some other things we love? Face masks, Sephora, and treating ourselves to a 48-hour pamper fest during an ultra-slow weekend. And with some help from the heavens and the goddesses at Sephora, we've managed to make all the above happen for you in T-minus two days. Here's what you need to know.

First things first, prepare yourselves because this weekend (aka July 27 through 29), all Sephora stores will be giving away two prized possessions from the brand's namesake collection—its Moisturizing Rose Face Mask ($6) and Perfecting & Brightening Pearl Mask ($6)—no catch included or purchase necessary. Dreamy, right? A glow-inducing deal which pretty much necessitates the ultimate weekend in to reset, relax, and, obviously, refresh a likely rundown complexion (or is that just us?).