Free People's New Lookbook Features Real Customers, and the Photos Are Stunning

As much as we adore the Bellas, Gigis, Kendalls, and Karlies of the world—as much as we clamor to learn every secret behind the cool-girl beauty of our favorite runway stars—what we really love is when the spotlight turns onto you: the readers, the real people who live for beauty as much as we do. So we were pretty excited to hear that in honor of the launch of its brand-new beauty department, Free People decided to pay tribute to its own fanbase—by handing over the modeling gig to real-life customers.

The result is a series of six absolutely gorgeous portraits, each highlighting a feature that each woman loves most about herself. The theme of natural, unfiltered beauty is something we can certainly get behind—and the resulting images speak for themselves.

Keep scrolling to see each photo, as well as the beauty products each customer used.