8 of Our Favorite Dance Workouts That Are Totally Free

Free Dance Workouts

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Whether you want to branch out from your usual cardio routine or you’re a fitness newbie who needs something fun to get you moving, dancing provides a full workout that can build endurance, strength, and get your heart rate up.

We’ve curated the best dancing workout videos so you can get your sweat on while working on your dance floor moves. And even better—they’re all free.

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African Dance Workout (Kukuwa Fitness)

This African dance workout is 15 minutes of booty-building cardio. You’ll be in a partial to full squat for most of the video, with lots of hip movements and twists to work your obliques. As you get going, you’ll be doing lots of standing ab work (in disguise). Your shoulders will feel the burn too with lots of bodyweight flyes and raises.

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25 Minute Disney HIIT Workout: Animated Classics (That Disney Girl)

If you’re a Disney fan, you’ll love this 25-minute dance fest that includes some of the best Disney songs of all time, including ones from Aladdin, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, and Frozen. This is a high-intensity class that uses a Tabata format to introduce fun but tough work intervals with rests so you can recover and get back to it. All of the movements are broken down beforehand so you can keep up. This one will have you sweating and reminiscing about all your favorite Disney moments.

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Bellydance Cardio Workout

Who hasn’t ever been intrigued by belly dancers? If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to belly dance, this video will teach you basic techniques while getting your heart rate up. Leilah Isaac takes you through a sultry full-body toning workout with a particular focus on your core. Bellydance movements can be tricky to learn the first time, so replay this workout to shake those hips better.

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Rain On Me Dance Workout (The Fitness Marshall)

This popular dance workout channel breaks down each mini-workout by song. "Rain On Me" is a fun cardio dance routine that you can follow along with at home. Many of the moves are repeated several times, so you can get the hang of them before moving on to the next sequence. If you love choreography and popular radio hits, you’ll love these workouts. String together a few songs for a customized cardio workout.

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Bombay Jam Bollywood Dance Workout

Bollywood is known for fantastic dance work and fun music so turning this into a fitness session is a no-brainer. Janani Chalaka from Bombay Jam makes you feel like a Bollywood star combining hip-hop and Bollywood style dance moves into a high-energy cardio workout. All of the moves are broken down in advance so you can learn quickly and then follow along. You’ll get your cardio done while working your entire body with squats, jumps, and twists.

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Lower Body Dance Workout (Afrifitness)

If you want to work on your lower body, this dance workout is perfect. Rachael Okesola takes you through nearly 20 minutes of lower bodywork. You’ll get low down in your legs as you sidestep, jump, shimmy, and drop into a low squat. Your legs and buns will feel the burn with this one.

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40-Minute Reebok + Les Mills BODYJAM Workout

This high-energy class is 40 minutes of sweat-inducing cardio that incorporates moves from hip hop expertly choreographed to electronic dance music that will pump you up and keep you motivated. This fun team breaks down the moves and adds as it goes so you can follow along the first time. All of the moves are perfectly timed to the beat to keep you on track. Your hips and shoulders will get a major workout with this one.

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Hip Hop Twerk Dance Workout (Keaira LaShae)

Try and keep up with Keaira as she teaches you how to twerk while getting your heart rate up. This short dance workout video is intense, getting the job done quickly while learning a new skill. Keaira provides modifications if you need them. Try this one over and over to master the twerk. You’ll hit your lower body and core during this quick video that you’ll want to replay again and again.

Work your way through this list of fun and motivating dance workouts to add some spice and variety to your fitness routine. Whether you choose some of the shorter ones and string them together or challenge yourself with a full 30- or 40-minute workout, you’ll get sweaty and learn some new moves while you’re at it. And remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t worry if you don’t get all the moves straight away; you can always go back and hit the play button again.

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