Freck's First-Ever Liquid Liner Doubles As a Lash Serum—So We Tried It

The ultimate dream team.

Woman applying Freck eyeliner

Freck Beauty

For Freck Beauty, liquid eyeliner has always been part of the plan. The brand, best-known for their TikTok-famous faux Freckle Pen ($28) and their multipurpose Slimlight Highlighter ($28), has been ruminating on their first liner since launching in 2017. But according to Freck's founder and CEO Remi, the company was in no rush to put out a product until it was perfect.

"I knew that we would eventually need a liquid liner in the collection, but it was really all about finding the right time to support such a big moment for us," she tells Byrdie.

It wasn't until today—Feb. 1, 2022—that the vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand decided to finally take that step. Freck's brand-new Lashrocket Liner With Lash-Enhancing Peptides ($24) is officially here to fill the eyeliner-shaped gap in their collection, but this is not just your average liquid liner. As the name suggests, the formula takes on double duty. "Our new Lashrocket Liner with Lash Enhancing Peptides is not only an extremely high-performing liquid eyeliner, but also doubles as a lash-enhancing serum," Remi explains.

Below, get all the details on the game-changing new Lashrocket Liner, and read our honest review.

Freck Beauty Lashrocket Liner

Best For: Eyes

Price: $24

Product Claims: Transfer-proof, non-smudging liner with lash-enhancing peptides

Why We Love It: Easy, precise application and 2-in-1 formula

Other Freck Products You'll Love: Cheekslime ($22), Slimelight ($28)

The Inspiration

Finding innovative solutions to everyday beauty dilemmas has always been the focus at Freck. (After all, Freck OG was the world's first-ever freckle cosmetic, made so that anyone could try on the look of natural-looking faux freckles.)

"Innovation is truly at the core of Freck," Remi explains, giving a quick shoutout to their OG freckle makeup. And her inspiration for the Lashrocket Liner was just as creative—even if freckles weren't at the forefront. "It was while I was struggling to apply my lash growth serum before putting on eyeliner that I realized how incredible it would be as a 2-in-1," she says.

Freck Lashrocket Liner
Freck Beauty Lashrocket Liner $24.00

The Formula

Between its TikTok and celeb fanbases—stars like Kesha, Vanessa Hudgens, and Caroline Calloway have all been known to sport Freck—the brand has already amassed quite the loyal following, so developing a liquid liner great enough to match its ultra-popular reputation was important. It wasn't exactly easy, either.

Women wearing Freck eyeliner

Freck Beauty

"Finding the perfect, super flexible felt tip (I’m usually a diehard brush tip gal, but this has fully converted me) took six months alone," Remi explains. "On top of that, [we were working on] nailing a clean yet richly-pigmented formula and testing out every no-dry inkwell on the market." Needless to say, the team at Freck had their work cut out for them.

Fortunately, the result made their efforts worth it. "[The Lashrocket] never fades, bleeds, transfers, smudges, or flakes," Remi says. A felt tip precise enough to draw the most elaborate of designs doesn't hurt, either.

Of course, the real magic was in the unexpected combination of the formula. Infused with ingredients you'd normally find in a lash serum (including acetyl tetrapeptide-3, red clover extract, and vitamin B5), the new liner isn't just about the instant gratification of a perfect cat-eye, but also long-term, visible lash growth. "A few months [of use] later, you start seeing a real change in your bare lashes," Remi explains. In product tests conducted by the brand, 78% of users saw fuller, more visible lashes within two months of use. Now that's a 2-in-1 product we can get behind.

The Review

Woman wearing freck liner

Hannah Kerns

I usually have a hard time with liquid liners. For some reason, a liquid formula raises the stakes for me, and I don't perform great under pressure. Although this liner didn't suddenly transform me into an amateur makeup artist, the felt tip did make the overall application super easy. (I only had to start over once, way lower than my average of three to five.)

Although I haven't used the liner long enough to notice any real improvement in my lashes just yet, I'm hopeful that I'll start spotting those differences soon. In the meantime, I'm enjoying having a jet black liquid liner in my arsenal that is not as intimidating as it looks.

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