Freck Beauty's First-Ever Mascara Doubles as a Lash Serum

The ophthalmologist-tested mascara is a two-in-one.

LashRocket Mascara with Lash Enhancing Peptides

Freck Beauty

After successfully bring faux freckles to the masses, the Freck Beauty team has set its sights set on revolutionizing the lash care industry—and the timing couldn't be better to introduce an incredible expansion.

Last month, the beauty brand ventured into lash products with its innovative LashRocket Liner ($24), a peptide-infused eyeliner with lash serum benefits. Simply put, you can lengthen your lashes while sporting a flawless winged liner. "Freck Beauty is about innovation at its core," says founder Remi Brixton. "We are constantly looking for ways to problem-solve with our products."

And, today (March 15), Freck is introducing a conditioning and nourishing LashRocket Mascara ($26) to emphasize your lashes while making them appear fuller, longer, and feel stronger in as little as 30 days. "For years I struggled with juggling lash-enhancing serums with my liner and mascara, and thought that there must be a way to combine the two without losing out on the performance," explains Brixton.

Ahead learn more about the new mascara from Freck Beauty.

The Inspiration

Personal experience is often the best place to draw beauty inspiration, and Brixton was able to do just that with the LashRocket Mascara. "My lashes are pretty straight and short, so I’m always on the hunt for a great lash serum to help with length and fullness," she explains. But, after realizing that it was nearly impossible to apply lash serums before eye makeup ("especially when you have to let the formula completely dry"), the beauty founder knew what was next for her brand.

Woman wearing dotted eyeliner and freck beauty mascara

Freck Beauty

The resulting mascara formula took years to create—not a surprise considering Freck prides itself on its exceptional product development. Brixton was determined to develop a mascara that was ideal for everyday use and packed with ingredients that made your lashes longer, healthier, and stronger with each stroke. "It probably took us longer to find the right brush to pair with this unique clean, vegan and cruelty-free daily-use mascara serum formula," she tells us.  

The Formula

The high-performance mascara offers fuller, longer, and stronger feeling lashes thanks to a formula that includes red clover extract to naturally condition lashes, panthenol (provitamin B5) to help with fuller and longer lashes, and peptides to further support lash health. "Together these form a peptide complex that makes your lashes feel less brittle and stronger in as little as 30 days," Brixton shares.  

The ophthalmologist-tested mascara also boasts a rich, black pigment that was formulated with all lash types in mind. "One of our Freck Beauty team members is a natural redhead, and black mascara can often look almost blue on her," she explains. "It was important that our Lashrocket Mascara was richly pigmented, the blackest-black, and designed for all-day wear, so literally anyone could use it."

LashRocket Mascara with Lash Enhancing Peptides
Freck Beauty LashRocket Mascara with Lash Enhancing Peptides $26.00

As far as reviews go, the Freck team says early testers had positive feedback regarding the benefits. "We are over the moon with the response we have gotten from testers. We did an at-home study with nearly 40 people and they saw really incredible results," she excitedly explains. "The before and after shots are crazy! 90% found that their lashes felt less brittle, and 87% saw healthier and more visible lashes."

Brixton concludes, "Mascara is something a lot of people—including myself—wear daily, so it's an easy way to multitask without even thinking about it." 

The LashRocket Mascara with Lash Enhancing Peptides is available to shop starting today at and

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