Frank Body Just Dropped 3 Soon-To-Be-Cult Products at Once

Frank Body just keeps getting better. The brand has just launched three new soon-to-be cult skin products, The Antis. It's fair to say that Frank Body was one of the first Australian beauty brands to fully harness the power of social media. Back in 2015 when the OG ground coffee scrub was launched, it garnered a huge amount of hype thanks to the introduction of hashtags including #TheFrankEffect and #LetsBeFrank. Fast forward to today, and it's stocked around the world and has more than 25 products in the range, including its new collection, The Antis. Yep, what started as a coffee scrub, is now a fully-fledged beauty empire (complete with cherry lip gloss and shimmer balms). Want to know more? We spoke to co-founder Bree Johnson, who shed some light. Keep scrolling. 

Frank Body The Antis
Frank Body

What’s the story behind Frank Body—how did it come to be?

Frank’s story starts with five friends and a coffee shop. Five years ago two ladies came into my husband’s coffee shop and asked for the old coffee grinds. From there came a product, an idea and eventually a business. We started with a 100 percent natural coffee scrub (our original and hero product) made by hand on our kitchen table. Now we have over 25 products and are stocked all over the world. We’ve just launched a new collection of face products, The Antis. These include the Anti-Drama Face Mask, Anti-Makeup Cleansing Oil, and the Anti-Angry Face Mist.

How did you decide on the branding?

We started Frank with some simple goals—to make natural skincare fun, and to remove the jargon around skincare. Every part of our branding relates back to this, particularly The Antis which is all about no BS.

Frank Body Anti Drama Face Mask
Frank Body Anti-Drama Face Mask $22

What’s the ethos behind the products you create?

Clean, effective and fun. We use effective natural ingredients that do what they say they’ll do and refuse to compromise on efficacy. We also don’t put huge markups on our products because we believe quality products should be attainable, not over-priced and over-hyped.

Talk us through the process, from start to finish, of creating the products.

We always start with what our 'Frankfurts' want and reverse engineer our product development based on their feedback. The Antis range was developed to deal directly with their biggest skincare concerns; breakouts and stressed dehydrated skin.

We work closely with a local Australian manufacturer and do all our product testing in-house utilizing the whole office for feedback. We’re strongly against animal testing so all our products are literally tested on babes. This stage can take a long time. The Anti-Makeup Oil Cleanser took nearly a year because we refuse to compromise on our ingredient philosophy or efficacy. It was worth the wait.

What was the best piece of business advice you received whilst it was being developed?

Patience and persistence are two of our guiding principles and one we always come back to. Good things take time. An overnight success story nearly always involves years of hard work.

Frank Body The Antis
Frank Body
Frank Body The Original Coffee Scrub
Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub $22

Where do you look for product inspiration?

Our customers first and foremost. We’re a brand that listens to our customers, we don’t just talk at them. We’re also very ingredient and texture focused. For us, skincare should be fun so we look at how we can engage all the senses.

What’s your approach to social media? Frank Body has such a strong presence on Instagram especially. How do you keep it alive?

Social is just that; social. It’s a place to connect and communicate. Every time we post we have a purpose. Usually, it’s to make our customers laugh, smile or think. Obviously there’s also a sales component, but first and foremost it’s a brand play and an opportunity to put a message out into the world.

How important is customer feedback to you?

Very. As we've said before, we’re a customer-centric brand. Our consumers' opinions shape everything from our product development to our marketing strategy. 

What are you working on now? 

Let’s just say in 2019 there will be products for every part of your body!

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