This Shimmer Bomb Kit Launches Next Month, and You Need It in Your Life

Updated 10/26/17
Frank Body

Frank Body is the Australian skincare company that took the world by storm when it introduced us to the notion of pre-packaged coconut oil coffee scrub. (They say if you log onto your Instagram in the middle of the night, you can still see those once ubiquitous coffee-covered selfies of yesteryear). Since then, they've launched equally stellar products, including the Cherry Bomb Lip & Cheek Tint ($12), which is a juicy red gloss built for giving a rosy flush to lips and cheeks alike. 

The brand's three newest products are gathering quite a lot of attention, thanks to the shimmery radiance they impart on the face and body. All together, they make up the Shimmer Bomb Kit ($50), although they will be sold individually as well. They launch in a little over a week, and if the brand's past launches are any indication, you should join the wait list ASAP because they're destined to sell out fast. Keep scrolling to learn about each of the three new products they're releasing. 

Frank Body

This Shimmer Scrub (complete with a cute "follow the call of the disco ball" slogan) was released for the first time earlier this year. There was a 90,000 person wait list, and it sold out within three weeks. Now it's back but with three times more sparkle than the original, so consider it a must-have. It's also completely vegan (created using sugar, salt, and ground coffee beans) so it's just as gentle on your skin as it is aesthetically pleasing to your eyes. 

Frank Body

This next product is brand-new and never before seen. It's the Magic Shimmer Oil, and it's a natural and vegan dry oil that instantly moisturizes. (We love dry oils here at Byrdie because they hydrate our skin without leaving behind a greasy film like other thicker oils.)

The best part is that this oil lives at the intersection of skincare and makeup since it moisturizes the skin with a base of coconut, grapeseed, and evening primrose oils, while effectively blur imperfections at the same time. Use it on your face or body to build a lightweight and luminous shimmer. 

Frank Body

Then there's the product we can't wait for: Frank Body's new all-natural illuminator. It's formulated with jojoba oil, coconut oil, coffee seed oil, and a blend of gold and silver mica, so it's super shimmery and super nourishing to the skin. That's the best of both worlds, right?

You can apply it as you would a regular highlighter (on your cheekbones, cupid's bow, nose, etc.) or you can mix it into your moisturizer for an all-over radiance. Also try running it along the length on your shins or forearms because it will lend a glow to your body, too.  

Frank Body

All three of these products can be purchased separately or together in the Shimmer Bomb Kit, which will retail for $50 once they're launched.

Here's the important part: Starting today, you can sign up on the Frank Body website for priority access to these products, meaning you can shop them from November 1–3 before everyone else. You don't want to miss this pre-sale (clearly, just look at these products) so run, don't walk, to a computer and get that VIP access while you still can. 

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