The Skin-Clearing Scrub That Sold Out Every 40 Seconds Has a New Formula

Updated 04/11/18
Frank Body

When a seemingly simple product like a coffee scrub sells every 40 seconds, you know it has to be good. In the case of Frank Body's original hero product, the entire formula is much more than your usual coffee grounds: It's an expertly crafted blend of grinds, sweet almond oil, salt, brown sugar, sea salt, and vitamin E that's been found to reduce signs of acne, stretch marks, and cellulite in its users. The brand's hashtag #TheFrankEffect has tens of thousands of posts on Instagram of people sharing before-and-afters or just the now-popular image of coffee grounds spread across the skin.

Since its inception, the brand has launched different scents and styles of scrubs (peppermint, shimmer, coconut, and cacao), lip scrubs and balms, shimmer oil, face masks, and so much more. 

Frank Body Express-o Coffee Scrub $20

Its latest launch, Express-o Coffee Scrub, is similar to the OG coffee scrub, but instead comes in a mousse-like consistency for less particle fallout and mess in your tub. It's chock-full of cinnamon, roasted and ground robusta coffee beans, and sweet almond and macadamia oil, making for a sinfully delicious, ultra-moisturizing blend that smells just like a latte (no joke). You can use it dry or with water (we recommend sticking to the shower for an easier rinsing process) to slough away dry patches and bumpy skin, leaving you with an allover glow.

Last but not least, rather than dipping into a package like the first scrub, this blend comes by way of a squeezable pouch for easier application (because we have a sense you're going to be using it a lot). 

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