Fragrance Wardrobe: Maddie Ziegler on the Hairspray That She Says Smells Like Dance

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Your perfume isn’t just how you smell—it’s how you feel when you get dressed in the morning, for a night out, for a boardroom meeting. It's just as much of an accessory to how you present yourself to the world as your clothing (and let's not forget its close ties to memory and emotion). With that in mind, we’ve launched Fragrance Wardrobe, a scent series in collaboration with The Fragrance Foundation that highlights the rotating perfume “wardrobes” of our favorite tastemakers through key points in their life. Get to know them better via the scents they choose to wear.

You're about to see Maddie Ziegler everywhere. Sure, she was starring on a smash-hit television show before she could see over the kitchen counter, made countless headlines with her show-stopping music video appearances, hit the New York Times bestseller list, and has been named one of the most influential teens on the planet three years running. But believe it or not, that's just Ziegler's warmup.

Now 18 and striking out on her own, Ziegler is racking up the kind of credits women twice her age would kill for with a slew of high-profile movies in production, including the hotly anticipated Spielberg remake of West Side Story. Recently, Ziegler was revealed to the world as the face of Kate Spade's newest fragrance, Kate Spade New York. Notes of wild strawberry, bergamot, freesia, and rose essence combine for a feminine, joy-inducing scent perfect for Gen Z's ultimate It Girl.

We spoke to Ziegler about her favorite scents and fragrances, from the candles in her first adult apartment to the hairspray that takes her back to her dance competition days. Read on for Maddie Ziegler's Fragrance Wardrobe:

Maddie Ziegler with Kate Spade perfume

Kate Spade

The first fragrance you ever bought:

I started wearing fragrances before I was buying them because I was stealing them from my mom! She literally had so many Kate Spade perfumes—and I was just saying this before, that's why it's full circle for me. I used to run into her closet, me and my friends would put them on and then go to dance and we'd feel so mature and cool. She wore Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs Daisy ($108), and Victoria's Secret body sprays.

Your work-from-home fragrance:

I do wear fragrance every single day. If I don't, it's when I'm not getting out of bed and I'm just sitting watching Netflix or something. Otherwise, it's a staple for me. When I'm working from home, all I smell are all my candles burning. I love a good fruity scent, but I also love a woodsy smell as well. I always have all the candles burning. Le Labo Santal 26 ($75), that scent is next-level. That's my go-to. I always have a bunch of candles. My sister is so sweet, I just moved into my first apartment and she bought me a bunch of candles. I love her. I've been burning all of those, they're a mix of florals and others. I love a light scent, nothing too intense.

Your on-set/on-stage fragrance:

For me, I love a good standout scent. Of course, a good floral, fruity scent like this Kate Spade perfume is really awesome but for me, my on-set/on-stage scent is always my perfume mixed with the heavy hairspray smell [Laughs]. Literally always. Even if it's not the best, it's always a go-to because we need it. My competition hairspray was Big Sexy Hair Spray ($20).

The fragrance that brings you comfort:

My dog. I know that's not really a fragrance but his smell brings me so much comfort. I adopted a puppy this year and it's the best thing I ever did. I started fostering and then I was like, "I'm not giving this dog away, I love him too much!" I knew when I was fostering a dog, I was never fostering a dog. [Laughs]

The fragrance that helps you unwind and relax:

I think lavender, eucalyptus, lemon essential oils. Sometimes I'll use my oil diffuser and I feel like it's a really nice way to unwind. I always put those essential oils into that. A calming lavender mixed with eucalyptus is my favorite.

Your cozy sweatsuit scent:

This kind of ties along with candles, but I'm really into room sprays. I love to spray lavender in my bed, like the Botanical Therapy Lavender Chamomile spray ($8). That's what I relate to a cozy sweatsuit kind of thing.

The fragrance that will always remind you of this time:

It's my Kate Spade perfume ($95)! It really is. I filmed the campaign last year so I've been using this for a minute. Other than me liking it, I get so many compliments from my friends and family when I wear it. If I'm getting complimented on this, I'm sticking to it!

Kate Spade pink perfume bottle
Kate Spade Kate Spade New York Perfume $95.00

Kate Spade New York is available on, and in Ulta stores.

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