A Top Fragrance Expert Explains What 6 Fragrance Buzzwords Actually Mean

Have you ever wondered what it really means to smell sexy? Fresh? What about classic? If you have, we're right there with you. We get thrown fragrance buzzwords in ads or hear them whenever we get surprised attacked by the fragrance sales associates on the beauty floor of our favorite department stores. But these words are so subjective, sometimes it can be hard to wrap our minds around them—how are we actually supposed to smell when spritzing on a [insert any fragrance buzzword here] perfume? 

"They're abstract," says Celine Roux, vice president of global fragrance development of Jo Malone London. "Brands want to take you into a universe or set a specific mood, so it becomes a little harder to express." Because Jo Malone London is more transparent ("We call our fragrances by the ingredients [we use]," says Roux) than others, we asked her to break down popular fragrance buzzwords and explain what type of notes and smells to expect from them.

Scroll down to see what Celine Roux says about fragrance buzzwords.