Should You Switch Over to Fragrance-Free Shampoos? We Investigate

We're not going to lie: The scent of a shampoo is usually the determining factor whether it gets a place in our showers or not. But the more we learn about the importance of scalp health, the more we start to question the chemicals found in some of our favorite shampoos, and that includes fragrance.

If you're experiencing irritation or noticing the color fading from your recently dyed hair faster than it's supposed to, a fragrant shampoo may be to blame. But what exactly is a fragrance-free shampoo? Certainly most products have some sort of smell, after all. Also, what are the benefits? To break it down for us, we turned to Arsen Gurgov, celebrity hairstylist and founder of the Arsen Gurgov Salon. Scroll down to see the deal fragrance-free shampoos and the best ones on the market.