Fragrance Wardrobe: Jessica Wang on the Perfume She Wears When She Wants to Get Noticed

"It has such a unique, powerful, elusive and musky scent."

 Jessica Wang

No one is traveling much these days, but a quick scroll through Jessica Wang's Instagram might be the next best thing. Pre-COVID, the NYC-bred, China-born fashion blogger's feed featured a vibrant array of style inspiration from her travels around the world, with plenty of designer bags and well-tailored suits to fit every mood. During the pandemic? Well, unlike the most of us, not much as changed for her on the style front—you might not have changed out of the same tie-dye sweatsuit in five days, but Jessica Wang hasn't let quarantine stop her from dressing fabulously, from five-inch Alexandre Vauthier heels to white silk suits. Her Instagram can only be described as a stylish escape—she's prone to posting everything from her at-home facials to baking tutorials, all while clad in Tom Ford, Bulgari, and more. When it comes to fragrance, Wang's taste is just as impeccable—as a self-professed perfume collector, her Fragrance Wardrobe consists of, yes, Tom Ford, but also more subtle scents like Margiela and Jo Malone. "I love a broad range of fragrances, each for different moments," she explains. Ahead, find out the scents in her Fragrance Wardrobe, and the one scent she spritzes whenever she wants to get noticed.

 Jessica Wang

How would you describe your fragrance style? 

My favorite scent profiles range from light floral tones to musky notes, as well as warmer floral scents with spice and wood elements.

What was the first fragrance you ever bought?

The first fragrance I ever purchased was Chanel No. 5 for its iconic reputation. I thought it was so sophisticated and glamorous, and loved the musky, floral, and powdery scent.

Do you still wear fragrance even when you don't leave the house?

Yes I do! To me adding perfume to my morning routine—regardless of if I am leaving the house or not—makes me feel great and more put together to start my day. Especially now that we have been at home a lot more, it is a little extra touch to feel confident and bring back some sort of normality to your morning routine. Who doesn’t want to smell great?

Jessica Wang
Jessica Wang

Your WFH fragrance:

Gucci Bloom—it’s the perfect classy everyday fragrance. I like that it’s warm, sweet and flowery without being too overpowering—and that it lasts all day.

Your cozy sweatsuit fragrance:

Replica Blur by Maison Margiela. The light cotton musky notes make you feel cozy and wrapped up in soft, warm linens on a lazy Sunday morning.

Your "power suit" fragrance:

Black Orchid by Tom Ford. The scent is one of those perfumes you wear when you want to be noticed as soon as you walk through the door; it has such a unique, powerful, elusive and musky scent. It always makes me feel more empowered!

The fragrance that brings you comfort:

Replica Sailing Day by Maison Margiela. It reminds me of soft, ocean breezes because of the mix of red seaweed and salty ambergris that evoke the smell of being by the sea. I feel instantly relaxed when I spritz it.

The fragrance you spritz to bring back good memories:

Jasmin Rouge by Tom Ford is my all-time favorite because it’s timeless and takes me back to my favorite childhood memories. I always feel nostalgic whenever I smell this scent!

 Jessica Wang

The candle you're currently burning right now:

Polyamberous by Boy Smells. The gold votive is not only a great decorative piece but the smoky-floral scent is just perfect for the cooler months when you’re spending most time inside.

What you smell when you want to unwind/destress:

Jo Malone Lavender & Coriander. I love that the scent is gender neutral and strikes the best mix of floral, fresh, and fruity notes, while the lavender helps to make me feel more calm and less stressed.

The scent you'll associate with this time:

Gucci Bloom because it’s the one I’ve worn most during this time, and will become nostalgic for this period in time for me.

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