8 Foundations Without SPF That Won't Bounce Back in Photos

We would never tell you to stop using SPF. Sun protection is paramount, and every time we sit down or exchange emails with industry-leading dermatologists or estheticians, they make sure to extoll the importance of a stringent (and daily) SPF routine. So understandably, and with increased skin safety and efficiency in mind, a large majority of foundations have launched new iterations of old favorites or brand-new formulas altogether combining coverage with SPF and UV protection. In theory, it's a brilliant move. But considering many offer tacky consistencies, suspicious scents, or pale and ashy color payoff or flash-back, the SPF and foundation combo starts to lose its luster. And we don't just mean that figuratively.

That being said, if you still prep your face with SPF (think primers and moisturizers) pre-foundation, you'll still get your daily quota of sun protection without the unsightly side effects of some, not all, SPF-infused foundations. However, since foundations with SPF are quickly becoming the majority (to play the devil's advocate, some formulas are much better—and more natural—than others), finding the best foundations without SPF has become increasingly challenging. But as the fates (or maybe just foundation gods) would have it, some of our favorite formulas have stuck to their O.G. (and SPF-free) signature formulas. Keep reading for eight Byrdie-vetted foundations without SPF. Oh, and they also happen to layer beautifully atop our favorite SPF-enriched moisturizers. Just saying.