These Genius New Drops Make Foundation-Matching a Breeze

You know what's the worst? Taking the leap and buying a new foundation (yes, it's a leap because if you're like us, you're faithful to a specific formula), testing it in the store, then bringing it home just to find that's it's actually the completely wrong shade. You could just exchange it for the right color, but even then it's sometimes still a vicious cycle of testing, buying, wearing, and exchanging. It's a pain, right? No more, thanks to The Body Shop's genius Shade Adjusting Drops ($20).

They're pretty self-explanatory—the darkening drops deepen a shade, and the lightening drops—you guessed it—lighten the pigment of your foundation. Here's where it's not so cut and dry: You should apply the drops to a dollop of foundation on the back of your hand, rather than adding the drops to the entire bottle. This way, if you add too many, you won't find yourself in the same mismatched foundation predicament you were in previously. Also, the lightening drops can only be used to lighten light-to-medium shades, while the darkening drops will only work with medium-to-dark tones. The best part about these drops, however, is that they won't change the consistency or the undertone of your foundation—instead, they simply just adjust the lightness and darkness to your desired level. Pretty brilliant, huh?

How do YOU find the perfect shade of foundation? Sound off below!