This Vlogger's Genius Foundation Trick Is a Game Changer

As Beautyblender fanatics, we figure we've got the whole dampen-dip-press-blend method down pat. Afterward, our foundation looks great, and that's all she wrote, right? According to a popular beauty vlogger, not quite.

Karima McKimmie nonchalantly dropped a beauty bomb on us (so to speak) while applying her foundation with a friend in a "First Impressions" video. In it, McKimmie sponges on her favorite Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation ($62), noting that she has left some spots unblended so that it "settles a bit and doesn't wipe away," adding that doing so helps her build coverage. Watch the video below!

InStyle points out that letting the foundation sit for a little while before blending it out is great for pigmented areas and blemishes rather than blending immediately to camouflage problem areas. 

This method is reminiscent of baking your makeup, a powder technique made popular in the drag community. It's a complete facepalm realization—since the powder technique works so well, it only makes sense that "baking" your liquid foundation would be a useful method, too.

Do you have any favorite foundation tips or hacks? Please share with us below!