This Bizarre Foundation Hack Will Give You the Best Skin of Your Life



We're always tapping our favorite makeup artists for tips and new foundation tricks for a more flawless-looking finish. But every once in a while, the internet dreams up a novel and, frankly, bizarre application hack. Recently, we turned to Reddit for tips about the SiliSponge, an odd-looking makeup applicator out of Hong Kong that promises to step up your foundation game. And now, there's another Beautyblender ($20) alternative on the block, and it's even more untraditional. 

Enter: the "boob blender." This technique shows the sheer resourcefulness of popular beauty vloggers. Since the SiliSponge has been sold out everywhere, the beauty-obsessed have noticed a similarity between the sponge and their bra inserts and taken things into their own hands. Yes, that's right. They're using chicken cutlets to apply foundation. But guess what: It works. According to Marie Claire, the silicone cup doesn't absorb product (which is a godsend seeing as good foundation can cost you) and evenly distributes coverage across your skin. Watch the video below to see this genius foundation hack in action.

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