10 Concealer-and-Foundation Combos Byrdie Editors Use for a Flawless Finish

Funny thing–in all my years of experimenting with makeup, I've never worn (or at least loved) a concealer and foundation hailing from the same cosmetics brand. Strange, right? After all, virtually every single foundation formula seems to have a corresponding concealer designed to sleekly accentuate the foundation's consistency, finish, and coverage. Thus, it would make sense if these cultivated pairings were the most quintessential of power couples. And perhaps, to some, they are. But not for me, and after prodding my co-workers for their favorite concealer-and-foundation combos, apparently not for them, either.

Thanks to my sleuthing, I quickly found virtually every member of Team Byrdie has a similar MO: mismatched brands yet indubitably perfect results. And although a few of us played the same favorites (make way for lots of Armani and Tarte up ahead), no one mirrored another's precise prescription. So after years of trial and error, why not share the foundation and concealer combinations we've officially coined as strategic couplings? Keep scrolling for our go-to combinations.