Sara and Erin Foster Get Real About Skincare, Makeup, and Body Image

If you’re not already acquainted with Sara and Erin Foster, it’s high time you get the dynamic duo on your radar. The stars of VH1’s hit faux-reality show Barely Famous are an L.A.-born-and-bred sister act with serious comedic chops, enviably beachy blond locks, and the long, lean, toned, and tan bodies of quintessential SoCal babes. Indeed, they epitomize L.A. beauty along with their stepsister (one Gigi Hadid) and also happen to be models—as well as actresses, comediennes, and generally unstoppable entrepreneurs.

Thus, when I got the chance to meet them at the Clinique counter at The Grove in Los Angeles, I couldn’t wait. Having watched their self-effacing VH1 show—wherein by pretending to be obnoxious, self-centered, neurotic versions of themselves, they come across as chill, down-to-earth, confident badasses you want to be besties with—I was eager to see if their in-person personas would match up. Sure enough, as I approached the makeup counter, I could tell instantly that they truly are as real as they come. Keep scrolling to see what happened next and read all of their reveals on skin, hair, makeup, and more.