A Doctor Told Me This Treatment Would Give Me Better Skin for 6 Years

It'll probably give my readers—and my mother—some comfort to know that when I first heard about a skincare treatment that touted itself as a "non-surgical face-lift," I was only curious in a very removed kind of way. As I close in on my 27th birthday, my skin priorities center firmly around health and prevention. Quite frankly, I don't intend on drastically altering my appearance now or ever.

But I was intrigued enough about the science behind the Forma treatment to meet with the team at Le Jolie Medi Spa, a celebrity-frequented skincare destination in West Hollywood. Forma is one of the team's most popular menu items—and as I'd soon learn, many of the clients who seek it out are actually fellow 20-somethings.

My own initial misgivings illustrate the fact that it might a disservice to Forma's capabilities to refer to it solely as a face-lift alternative. While this might be true to a certain extent—particularly for those who are actually hoping to combat wrinkles and sagging skin—really, the treatment might be better described as a non-invasive alternative to injections. For a younger demographic, it's an effective preventative measure as well, with results lasting for up to six years.

After learning all this and confirming that I'd be experiencing longevity above all else, I decided to opt in. Keep reading to learn about my Forma experience—and the interesting results—below.