Forget What You've Heard, Sometimes A Bold Eye AND Lip Works Wonders

There are two golden rules in beauty: always wash your face, and never wear both an eye and a lip. Don’t believe anyone who argues with the first, but the second? We’re over it. A string of risk-taking women have recently stepped out wearing a smoky eye and colorful lip without looking like, for lack of a better word, a hussy. Instead, they look fresh and glamorous—a winning combination we’ll be testing out at one holiday party after another this season.

“It starts with the outfit,” says makeup artist Melanie Inglessis, the woman behind Olivia Wilde’s stellar look above, on pulling off the full face of makeup. “Olivia’s wearing a super clean, well-tailored suit that has an androgynous vibe to it. I don’t like to say there are dos and don’ts or rules—it’s based on balance.”

More tips on pulling this off from Inglessis, as well as Sandra Bullock’s makeup artist Sabrina Bedrani, above.