This New Handheld "Beauty Coach" Will Customize Your Nightly Cleansing Routine

We know Foreo as the Swedish-born skincare brand responsible for such genius silicone-clad innovations as the Luna 2 ($199), (and the bitty version, $139), UFO ($279), Iris ($139), and more—all high-tech gadgets designed with the intention of brightening our lives (and faces!) by offering new and improved standards when it comes to beauty, well-being, and an ever-evolving approach to skincare. 

"Our approach is a bold one: we don't just improve existing designs; we tear them down completely and restart from the ground up—ensuring the best solutions are not reserved for the wealthy few," the brand explains in a recent press release. "That's also why we're called FOREO, short for 'For Every One.'"

And appropriately, its newest launch practically brings the perks of an expensive in-office consultation to the comfort of your bathroom, bedroom, or wherever you so choose to examine every microscopic inch of your complexion. Meet Luna Fofo ($89), the brand's fresh, avant-garde cleansing device that's perhaps the most technologically advanced and exciting yet. Here's what you need to know.